Unitiqute and naim app

hello everyone … I have a naim Unitiqute 1 … the app does not display the cd covers …
. is this normal?

It depends . You’re streaming from a NAS? A usb pen? Did you checked if the artwork files are present?
( do you see them on synology app I.e.?)

If you have a UPnP server, it should make the cover art available to the Unitiqute. From a directly attached USB drive you may not be able to see this.

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no…dont use usb…directly from nas…before i use a Musaic mpl player and from the mpl app never had any problems…with synology and lacie networkspace nas

moreover, the naim app puts me the songs in alphabetical order and not like the original cd


With permission of @ChrisSU

The issue is almost certainly around the upnp server software. What is it?

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I think it’s samba

Samba provides shared file/folder access over a network, it does not provide metadata or artwork that would be done via a upnp media server. I would suggest you investigate running either asset or minimserver on your nas, assuming it has the ability to do so.

ok…thank you for reply

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