UnitiQute dead display

Dug out my old UnitiQute the other day to start to use in my home office. The display was getting dim when I stopped using it but now is completely blank. According to my local Naim dealer, Naim will not have stock of replacement displays until Jan/Feb next year!

Can someone post/send me the keystoke sequence/pictures of the display to set up the device (blind) on my hardwired network? At least I could then run it from the Naim app or Roon (via Squeeze2upnp bridge)?

BTW, the Squeeze2upnp bridge works great for my 272 in Roon.

Cheers Kev

If you are connecting via Ethernet it should just work. You only need to enter setup to enable the digital output, choose speaker size etc. However it was set when you put it away will still apply now.

Good advice, I did this for about 3 years on my Uniti before making changes needing the display. Mine just came back from Naim this week, although unhappy with the charge, it is lovely to having back in my system.

Great - that worked a treat - Didn’t think of just connecting it!
At least it will get some use until Naim get screens back in stock.

Many thanks HH.

Sometimes simple is best! Thanks for replying - it’s always good to hear that one of my dopey suggestions actually works.

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I was advised its £150 for just a new display or £355 for that and a full service.

Who was it that advised this? I only ask as I was told £355 for the screen and they did a service anyway. I wasn’t given a £150 option.

If you don’t have the 24/192 board get that done at same time.
Just got my Uniti back, new display (2nd time this has been replaced) :rage: , updated board / firmware and a new switch as it would not power up. Cost was £330 so reasonable due to new board, outrageous price without it.

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Neither was I but I had a replacement CD drive too so I can’t complain at that.

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Mine is a 2012, so all I got was a new screen and software update (I don’t use Spotify or Tidal, so no real difference) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m always amazed at the screen charges given a ‘known’ fault
I came across this earlier for brennan - I had no idea what anything like this cost and I’m sure it’s smaller lower res etc


Must confess I have just taken out Tidal… £1.99 for 4 months, had to be done at that price.
Not going to risk screen going again so will be replacing Uniti with ??? when I can get to dealer and listen to some options. I use Uniti as a source so plenty of options to explore.

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Paul at HiFi Lounge near Biggleswade

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I think that is for their own B2 ripper/player unit not a Naim UnitiQute.

No doubt for their product but as a general indication I was interested in the price level

Last March I paid 250 euro for a new screen on my Unitique Mk1 24/196. It needed also a small software update for the screen (included in the repair).

Do these new screens last longer, or do they break after a few years too?

No idea. I was told it is a new type of screen and should last longer. Only time will tell.
In March I had to have changed the screens on my 2 Qutes and on my NDX.

My first new one lasted about 2 years a lot less than the original, and it was set to switch off after short time.

Mind you, probably best off - as mine is having paid for a repair.