Unitiqute front panel LED very dim

Hey guys,
The front panel on my Unitiqute is very low light, can’t even see it really, unless I darken the room.
Is there some kind of reset?
Or is there an obvious setting somewhere to brighten it?
I’m probably out of warranty now, I got this new, I did have a card upgrade once & it’s really been looked after, never moved or even used that much to be honest.
Any ideas anyone?

The UQ uses an OLED display and it looks like OLEDs have a finite life before they start to fade or even disappear - the display Naim uses being no exception.

AFAIK Naim can still replace these as necessary, so best discuss with your dealer. In future it’s a good idea to set an OLED display to switch off after a minute or two as this seems to ensure a longer life span.

Hi, screen failures in the 1st. gen Naim streamers is a known issue that has affected quite a few units. Once they start to fade they are only going to get gradually worse. They can be replaced by Naim service dept.

Get ready to spend £350.

I read somewhere here recently that Naim are now offering to replace just the display for £150 or similar.



It is really disappointing that this is the fate of the OLED displays for the first Uniti generation, esp after such a short operating time.

Are there any other more reliable options such as LCD displays which could be adapted and retro fitted by Naim?


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OLED displays are not inherently short lived. It’s unfortunate that the original Naim-specified ones were, but I think we can assume that the replacement Naim OLED displays will have a normal life.



Yes, have to admit, I thought OLED was supposed to be a reliable technology, so I’m surprised the Naim screens have been failing after just a few years.

Hopefully the new replacements will prove more robust - at least the repair costs are now cheaper, which really is great news.

Their RRP is £140, that figure is direct from Naim Service Department. Obviously your dealer may add additional costs for their time and postage.

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