Unitiqute owner wondering where to go next?

Hi all. New to the forum today but long term owner of a Unitiqute 2. I’ve been enjoying this unit for several years and wondering what my future options are.

Current set up:
Unitiqute 2
Music Fidelity pre amp
Thorens TD160
Neat SX5 speakers

My UQ screen has gone which is very annoying. The matrix has faded and now I can’t see it. Challenge now is that I can set up the WiFi to even use the app as a controller as I can’t see the options.

I was thinking of a service but that’s £350. New screen yes, updated firmware yes…but it’s a lot on an ageing device.

Thinking perhaps go down the route of the Atom? Anybody made this jump and was it worth the upgrade or should I just stick to my current set up and suck up the service costs? At least I guess the new firmware would give me Spotify rather than having to use aux or Chromecast audio.

What are your thoughts? Any other routes I should consider. Mostly streaming (largely spotify) and vinyl for me. Used or new no preference. So, older kit also considered just as long as it can directly stream Spotify

Many thanks

Interesting dilemma. I use UQ in my bedrooms, kitchen and study; but I just use an iPad or iPhone to control them, and I have the screens off most of the time.

I’ve been wondering what to do with them … I’m considering making them Roon friendly, but I suspect, like you, I’ll consider an Atom when the time comes to replace them, unless a full service will transform them into ‘Atoms’ in the future (I wish).

I suppose it depends on what your budget is?

Like for like, you’re not likely to do significantly better than your UQ2 for £350.

Staying with Naim, have you considered the Atom, although some folk have had extended fun and frolics with the admittedly much more adventurous software of the ‘new’ Unitis.

As ever, your own listening experience should be the final arbiter.


You should be able to put the latest firmware on a Unitiqute 2 yourself because they all have the 24/192 board in them. Also you don’t need the screen to do a firmware update.

But the resale value without the screen will be really low, so it’s going to be either you pay to get the screen done or you pay your dealer, in poor part-exchange value, to get the screen done.

The Atom is a fine unit too and has a lot of future-proof built in. So it all comes down to how much you are happy to spend now. If you don’t want to rush, then getting the UQ2 serviced is probably a good idea and it opens up options for how you move it on when you do decide to upgrade.



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If you’re happy with your Unitiqute, it will play Spotify and Tidal as long as the firmware is up to date, which costs nothing. You might be able to muddle through without the screen, but realistically, you probably need to just pay up and get it serviced.
If you get an Atom, that opens the door to more services, including Roon, Qobuz (soon), AirPlay, Chromecast, and any other stuff that Naim might support in future. It also has better Tidal stability due to its larger buffer, which may help, especially if you move to a better sounding lossless subscription service. There’s a nice sound quality upgrade there, too. The only trouble is, the resale value of your Qute without the screen is next to nothing, so maybe the repair is still worthwhile?

Thanks everyone for your quick and thoughtful replies. Yes you’re right regarding the screen. Makes it rather poor from a resale perspective. I guess I might need to suck that cost up. I’m not at all unhappy with the unit no.

I tried updating the software in the past but it just didn’t connect. I use a Mac and it just wouldn’t connect. Drove me mad. Tried different cables and all sorts. I don’t have a local Naim dealer to drop in on either. Or not local enough for a pop in.

Atom seems like a good option for future proofing and I imagine I would go down this route anyway.

There are lots of us who could help you sort out that firmware update but if you send the UQ2 in for servicing Naim will do that for you anyway.



That’s kind. I should have come here ages ago to be honest! Yes you’re right at least the service would bring me back up to speed.

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Also, does the Atom have a phono stage for vinyl deck? Or would I still need to use mine?

No, it doesn’t have a phono stage.

Get it fixed. The resale value is so low as it is that it’s not worth giving it away. You can always use it later in another room. My first version UQ is still going strong in the office, and sounds amazing for what it is. I have an Ice Age Audio copper/copper cable on mine and it gives it a nice little bump in SQ. The latest firmware did as well, more than a little. I keep my display set to turn off after a few seconds. It’s a bit over five years old so just out of warranty, but I’m planning on using it for a long long time (my dealer said he wouldn’t even take a first version in trade, m or so little it wouldn’t be worth it).


Ah ok. Good to know.

The other thing to consider as an alternative to the Atom would be adding a NAP 100 , you could get the screen repaired, add an additional power amp for about half the cost of an Atom .

I would also say that whilst you talk about it being an “ageing device” Naim stuff last for years and years. I have just got a NAT 03 down from the attic and after 16 years of being unused within 2 hours it had warmed up and was sounding superb .
If you look on the Chrome or Olive threads you will see users happy with gear that is decades old .


The Atom has one analogue input, but (I understand) that is converted to digital somewhere in the system. Many Uniti users are more than happy with this , I don’t know whether that happens with the UnitiQute .

I must admit that I am thinking of a UnitiQute2 to replace my NAT03 (still sounding superb) as a toe in the water for streaming, internet radio and (screams of derision) for DAB . This is so I can listen to the sports channels

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Thanks all. You speak a lot of sense. Regarding turning the screen off after a few seconds…how does one do that? I couldn’t find a setting for this? I’m concerned that whilst yes the components last for year the screen clearly doesn’t as it’ll need replacing again in what 6 years?

Regarding the analogue input can anyone else give some weight to that? Not sure I really want the analogue signal converted to digital. Kind of defeats the point no? Anyone else running a deck through theirs?

Also thanks for the advice on the NAP100. That could be a good move indeed!

The Unitiqute does not digitize the analogue input like the Atom. It does have an FM radio, although I think you might be disappointed if you are used to a NAT! DAB sounds pretty dire in my experience, and there is usually an iRadio alternative which may sound better.

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You turn off the screen using the remote control/front panel display menu (which might be why you can’t find it!)
A numbar of people have been put off by the idea of digitizing the analogue inputs, which all of the new Uniti players do. If you consider an Atom, I would get a demo of one with your turntable rather than judging it from afar.

I agree with what Chris says. The FM SQ performance of the built in tuner in all of the legacy Unitis and 272 is way below a NAT and DAB is uniformly awful whatever tuner is used because the bit rate is so low. I actually greatly prefer FM to even the BBC Radio 3HD stream.

And regarding the OP’s question, you can easily adjust the length of time the screen stays on, but on the UQ2 you do it with the remote and you need the screen to be working to see where you are in the menu structure.

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The Momentum SX5 sounds like a heck of a lot of speaker for your poor little Qute; its screen has probably failed from exhaustion. I’d forget ideas of a 100 and look at a used SuperUniti or a Nova if you want the new platform.

Thanks Chris, money stays in pocket. Secretly relieved as I love having some Olive equipment in the rack.