UnitiQute + Power Amp: output level recommended

Hello everyone,

I have a question for my UnitiQute 1 (24-96).

The problem is that I need more watts to drive my ProAC D18s especially after putting parquet, a shaggy rug and a large bookcase in my new apartment.

I did a search in the second-hand market and found a Naim NAP 200 (2012) for around € 800 and I’m thinking of buying it and using my Qute as a PRE.

I read in the forum various tips from users regarding the QUTE / NAP combination.
For many it’s a real upgrade while for others it’s better to think about buying a NAC N 272 streamer or a compact system like an old SuperUniti or a new Atom but it’s over my budget.

Since the display of my Qute does not work and to repair it it would cost me about 350 € and since the used selling price is around 650 € in Italy (in my case it would be 650-350 = 300), I prefer to keep it waiting for better times to be able to buy a real Naim PRE if I find a good deal on the second-hand market.

Also in this forum, I read that if the Qute is to be used as a PRE it is better to deactivate the final amplifier and this I can do even with the display not working thanks to a friend who guides me remotely using his Qute.
For the connection, however, I bought an RCA cable → 4 DIN

My question is:

What is the output level I should use to get the best result and not damage the NAP 200?

In the settings it is possible to adjust both the maximum volume of the speakers from 0 to 100 (but I will not use them) and the volume of the single input (± 10dB).

Lately, however, I have tried to use my Qute connected to my ProACs with input volume + 10dB, speaker volume 100 and setting the volume level over 55 I noticed that the tweeters did not like this power very much (I hope not to have burned something).

As a source I use:

- Rega RP3 turntable -> Pre Phono Black Cube -> Qute Analog In
- Apple Music Lossless -> (AirPlay 1 = 16/44 bit-perfect) Shairport-sync -> RPi3 + HiFiBerry Digi Pro -> Qute Digital In.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

You shouldn’t need to adjust anything. The input adjustment is so you can alter one compared with another for level matching. Leave at the default, and you’re done. The max volume limit is just so your kids don’t go crazy and crank it. Mine’s at 50 but it’s not really needed.


I bought a used NAC 152 XS.

I can certainly say that only with the NAC I was able to understand the qualities of the NAP 200.

Absolutely not recommended the Qute as a PRE.

We are talking about differences that can be perceived even by a person not used to HiFi listening.

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