Unitiqute Pre/Power Amp Connections

Hello All

I have a chance of buying a Unitiqute from a friend.

I currently have a NAC82/ NAP180. I don’t really want to bypass the 82 and take the Qute pre-out straight to the 180, however from my understanding I can’t use the digital out from the Qute as the 82 doesn’t have a digital in, so would I need to buy a separate DAC to be able to use the 82 as a preamp?

This is assuming there is a step down from the 82 to the Qute preamp in terms of sound quality?

Thanks for any help.

You can connect the Qute preamp output to an input on the 82, so no need for a Dac. You will need to set the Qute output at a suitable level as it doesn’t have a fixed line out.

If what you want is a streaming and internet radio source you’d really be better off with an ND5XS or NDX.

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Thanks for the reply HH.

As long as I can control the volume of the Qute from the 82 remote that’s all I am worried about.

You mention these two other models being preferable - is your comment based on sound quality or connectivity? An ND5XS or an NDX will cost me a lot more than a Qute. My source will mostly be a USB stick.

You can, but that also brings an issue; when you alter the volume on one you do it for both at the same time and that can bring problems. The quick and dirty fix is to cover the IR eye of one or other.

While the ND boxes will sound better my main concern with the Qute is that if used as a source you are only using a small part of it, which seems a bit of a waste. But it’s certainly cheaper, as you say, and the Qute is jolly good. I have a Qute 2 and some Neat Iotas and it sounds absolutely great.

The USB input on the older Naim streamers has only basic functionality. Fine if you just have one playlist or album on a USB stick, but not if you want to browse a collection of music, view metadata and artwork. Better to use a network drive/server for that.

Set the volume on the Qute to 85 or so and follow the instructions in the link below. 85 seems about right as a line out level and your 82 remote should operate only the 82 volume, without changing the volume on the Qute at the same time. Set the volume on the 82 to zero before switching on for the first time, just in case 85 on the Qute is too much but that’s where I have mine set (into a 552) and it works fine. It still allows the Qute remote to scroll the menus.

Hmm, not sure what Im doing wrong with the link, I cant get it to work. Search for a post called Unitiqute & preamp volume" in the Streaming Forum and scroll down to post 4 for the instructions on how to adjust the remote.

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