Unitiqute & preamp volume

I still play CDs but recently connected an old Unitiqute (gen 1) to my main system via preamp out. It works well enough for background 320 radio paradise, which was mostly what I wanted it for but the remote(s) change the volume on both the Qute and the Pre simultaneously. Is there a way to fix the Qute volume (at 75) and then disable the volume control so only the preamp volume changes from the remote?

At some point I will start to investigate streamers as a more serious option but for the time being this does all I need.

Elfer, unfortunately there’s no fixed line out volume output for the Unitiqute. You have two options; one is to set the volume then cover the IR eye (the logo). The other is to set the input on the pre-amp for the Unitiqute to unity gain (if possible)*. Which pre-amp are you using?

  • you need to be careful though when switching inputs as volume control changes will still be received by both units and you may get a nasty surprise.

Thanks Richard,

I am using a NAC552.

Covering the logo seems to be the safest - I damaged speakers in the past when I got things wrong with unity gain…

Hi @Elfer

  • Get the remote control as supplied with the Uniti Qute.
  • Turn the Qute off.
  • Switch it on.
  • As the startup banner shows press and hold the keys ‘aux, info and 5’ at the same time.
  • On the screen it will show a message ‘IR COMMS System Code 13’. From there on your Qute will be listening to different bank of IR codes and shouldn’t interact with the ones used by the preamp. If it doesn’t do it try again as there is a bit of an art to do it.
  • To put it back to normal do ‘aux, info and 1’.

This party trick can also be used to stop the devices clashing with other manufacturers products that use Philips RC5 as the remote control IR protocol. There are 6 alternative codes supported by pressing 1 to 6.

Hope that helps.

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thanks very much Steve! I was thinking of possibly putting either a Qute or Uniti2 next to my SU for driving a second room and I had wondered how to deal with the IR code problem.

That’s great info. Thanks Steve.

If you want music in a second room, can’t you put the second streamer in that room!?

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Many thanks @Stevesky. Some finger gymnastics required but it worked first time !

Yes I’d rather do two separate systems, was just thinking out loud… I had that problem before with a Yamaha AVR and integrated before I found out the AVR had a second code set.

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