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Hi all
I’ve downloaded the recent firmware … so far so good for the NDS and my ‘qutes with a micro usb slot but the ‘qute with the RS232 fails to upgrade. Do I need to update the driver on my MacBook? If so, why do I have to upgrade the driver every time? Does anyone have a link to best driver to use?

Hi Camphuw,

How to fail ? DSP upgrade error ? My NDX also fail on the firmware upgrade.


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Yes you do need a separate driver on the Mac for the RS232. I had to search for the cable manufacturers driver on-line, which from memory, was not straightforward to find.

One caution, the new firmware doesn’t solve Tidal drop-outs, if that’s of interest to you.

Yes I realise that Mike_S but it seems that I have to buy a new cable each time I upgrade the old ‘qute!
I’ll go back to my records to see what the last driver was … I don’t hold out much hope for it being upgraded with the latest version of OSX. Just frustrating rather than a rant …

Frustrating or what?

Attached is instructions from Phil Harris from the last time I updated the firmware:

“ > > > > > If you are using a USB to RS232 adapter then you will need to install the drivers supplied by the manufacturer of the USB to RS232 cable itself … it may be that the cable itself is no longer supported by the latest version of Mac OSX in which case this cable seems to be reliable on both PCs and Macs…

Ah, I see. I used a cable that I got about a year ago to update my UQ2 today, and that worked fine. I’ve resolved the UQ2 issue so that it runs, but Tidal drops out still.

The message from Phil was dated 11-4-18, so my cable is less than a year old. It won’t break the bank … but… sorry to hear that tidal is not performing. I’m a late adopter with that type of thing, I’m still coming to grips with radio paradise.

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Hi Camphuw,

At what point does the upgrade fail? Does the Streamer Updater program recognise the product type at the beginning?


Evening NeilS … it fails half way though the blue line … then asks to turn off qute wait five minutes and try again.

Update: found another cable, tracked down new driver and installing it … waiting for it restart before going through the update process again. Watch this space

Follow the instructions…
Uninstall the driver (missed this first time around …)
Install new driver
Run the update installer

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Good news!


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Well done.

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Thanks Mike and Neil
At least I found the new cable eventually

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