Unitiqute upgrade

hello everyone … I would like to make a small upgrade to my unitiqute with spendor a5 r speakers … I would like to insert a nap 100 or old nap 110 / 140…what do you think?


I added a Nap100 to my Qute, using Spendor S5e speakers and it did make an improvement with more detail and wider soundstage.
I know there are others who have tried the addition, but preferred it without, so it is probably one of those speaker dependent issues.

Hope that helps a little.

Added a NAP100 to a UQ2 and used the 100 to drive the tweeters and the UQ2 for the bass/mid with Neat Petite 3s and it worked exceptionally well. Better everything.

I would say that the A5R is too much for the Qute, and that adding a 100, 110 or 140 won’t make much difference. It’s probably best to swap the Qute for a SuperUniti, or a Nova if you want to move to the current range.

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another vote here…

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