Unitiqute V1

Hi all.
Re the title: what can go into the usb input, obviously a normal stick, max size? Will it take a ‘powered’ usb hard drive, or will it power one, if either; which is best for sound quality?
Many thanks for advice :relaxed:

It will only take a USB stick (to which it will provide power), I’m not aware of a size limit but you will find it awkward to browse a large library with its basic folder view.
It will also connect to an iOS device and play from it.

Hi, I thought as much. Due to change in circumstances, I I’m afraid for me; it’s all got to ‘change’, but that’s for another time.
I’ve had to start, briefly, using the Qute; the usb ‘sound’ is far better than, over wifi (no drop outs, all good), through Minimserver - just don’t know why?
Hoping to get the 200’s NDX back in soon.

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