Unitiqute vs unitilite

I recently acquired a nap-100. Hooked up to the unitiqute, the SQ is definitely above the unitiquite.

But the enjoyment of the music is more with the unitiqute. It is more immediate, natural and organic - for want of better words.

This imo is possibly due to the dac within the unitiqute which is optimized with the amp within.

So in this context I would like to know how the unitilite compares with the unitiqute. Not simply a comparison of SQ - but does the lite have the magic of the qute? Is it simply a more powerful/capable qute - ie 50 watts and a cd player - but still retaining the qute’s magic?

Appreciate the insights.

BTW I have a dac v1 on the way - which I think is optimized with the nap100. So quite possibly I might revise my opinion with the alternate combo.

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With the V1 in the system, the Unitiqute is working only as a digital transport, so there’s quite a lot of redundancy.
With a Unitilite, there is no digital out, so there’s complete redundancy.

when i use the dac v1, i will remove the unitiqute from the chain.

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