Looking for some advice on what my options are with the Unitiqute. The screen is failing and I have been told that because it’s not the 24/192 or had the upgrade there’s nothing can be done.
Do I keep it as an expensive book end or sell it and cut my losses?

Naim can’t fix the screen because they need the 192/24 board to be fitted to enable a modern display to work and they have no stock of those boards, which are no longer available.

To be honest I doubt that you will be able to sell it, at least not for any significant amount of money. So I suggest just keep it and use it until you can’t.

worst case scenario perhaps is to gut it out, and put in a raspberry pie and use it as a streamer

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My UQ2 screen failed two years ago. It can be fixed but hasn’t slowed me down. It works. Had no unusual settings other than a fixed IP (but that’s fine) and sounds great. Eventually I’ll have it recapped but may or may not bother with the screen. Just don’t need it really.

So while it’s annoying, unless you programmed in really inconvenient config parameters, no reason to think of it as an expensive book end.

Once you have set it up you can do everything via the app so just keep it and use it. You don’t need the screen unless you need to change the basic settings.


I just had my screen replaced (about 2 months back) and it doesn’t have a 24/192 board. Where are you taking it for service? Seems like some inconsistent info.

This is what Naim said fairly recently about the position at the service dept at their factory in Salisbury.

Suggest you reach out to a dealer or two near you - screens are out there, you just need to find someone that has a few…

I’m thrilled to have mine back - haven’t used it in 10 years, but set up in my office it’s a joy to listen to. Even with 16/44 and no Tidal/Qobuz it’s brought my CD collection back to life and internet radio is great.


So you aren’t in the UK then!

Anyway I don’t need a screen personally.

I have two Unitiqutes. Their screens don’t work. But it doesn’t prevent the me from using them via the app. I stopped worrying about it a while ago.

Where in the world are you?

I have a screen failed Uniti 1 am content to keep on using it with reduced capabilities - which I also recently read could most likely not be repaired or upgraded for similar reasons.

I have also have Unitiqute 2 (my 1st piece of naim hifi) which I adore - am being careful to preserve screen life keeping it turned off.

However if feeling ambitous and require to alter settings only accessible via on screen menu , do a search on this forum I recall a post with the required remote control key strokes required to e.g configure wifi / network settings ‘blind’ so to speak. Not tried myself yet…

I’d keep enjoying the Unitiqute in whatever way you can, I think it a fabulous hifi

So this is what tripped me up - I put the UQ in a box for 8 years and went through a number of routers / networks and couldn’t find the instructions to get it connected. A wired connection and USB drive solved the problem temporarily, but I still felt like I was missing something.

And agree with you - it is a fab piece of kit. I’m super happy to have it back.

I’m on the Continent. Screens-o-plenty.

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