UnitiQute2 can’t find NAS

Hi everyone. I need help with my UnitiQute2. I don’t use my main Naim system for steaming but use Sonos (sorry!). I’ve got a UnitiQute2 to use in the study. Everything works fine - but I can’t get it to connect to my NAS. It just doesn’t come up as an option in the UPnP settings. I’ve tried clearing the cache and compatibility mode - no joy. Everything is on the same network and everything else can “see” the NAS - Sonos, mac, iPad, iPhone. I can carry on using Tidal on the Qute but it should be able to see the NAS shouldn’t it? (Diskstation DS412+).

Do you have a music server running on the NAS, for example Synology’s own, Asset or Minim? If you don’t it won’t work but adding any one of those servers is easy.

Hi Jonathan. Yes I have Synology’s audio station on the NAS. How do I use that with Naim? The qute can see all my Sonos products within UPnP but not the NAS.

I am in same boat, Qute 2 linked to pc iTunes library, works on Denon streamer fine?

OK. I’ve managed a work round. If I use the Synology DS Audio app, I can get it to play my saved music on the Qute rather than my iPhone.
However the Naim app is supposed to be able to do that isn’t it?
Even when I’ve played saved music on the Qute from the NAS, the Naim app still doesn’t seem to think my NAS exists…
I thought there was the facility to list all the albums/artists etc on the Naim app??

As has already been said above, you need to run a upnp server on your NAS, then you will be able to select that server in the Naim app and see album art work and so on. That’s the way the Naim system operates.



Hi Dn, Audio Station isn’t the Synology UPNP server, that’s Media Server, is that enabled in your NAS?

Hi David. I have a server on the NAS. I’ve found the problem - there are 2 Ethernet ports on the NAS (Lan1 and Lan2) and the media server was set to the wrong port. Rookie mistake. Strange that Sonos still found all the files…

If I remember right, Sonos will access files in \music directly if it has access, it doesn’t require UPNP.

Yep Sonos points to a UNC path \\nas\music etc

I had the same problem trying to use my QNAP NAS on my Uniti Star…server does not appear. My other devises (Sonos, Bluesound and iOS devices) are able to locate all of my media sources which include the NAS, hard drive attached to my router and SSD attached to the Uniti Star.

The solution is rather complicated. I tried step 1 below with no success and then month later tinkered around and finally resolved the issue.


There’s a document from Naim which covers some other general setup and privileges you should configure: https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/kb/RS2105_Synology_DS212j_Setup.pdf I had my IT consultant try the QNAP version of this doc and still was not able to see the NAS in servers. We contacted Naim support and they were not able to offer any advice that worked.


I finally resolved the issue by tinkering around with my NAS software. From a QNAP point of view:

  • install/update DNLA app
  • enable DNLA
  • look into DNLA advanced settings: enable automatic sharing for media receivers and make sure your Naim product is checked (you may be able to see the NAS but not the music files now)
  • Multimedia Console - content management - add music folders to DNLA (you should be able to see and play the music files now)

I am now able to see my NAS and stream music to my Uniti Star and Mu-so QB. It’s been working well. I’ve had an issue with how the music tracks appear but there are options in the DNLA settings you can tinker around with.

I have a QNAP NAS and what you have outlined for that seems awfully convoluted. I simply installed the minimserver software that was present on the app gallery and once I had configured it with my music folder information and restarted the server it was visible to the Naim app straight away

Agreed, it’s overly complicated. I just tried minimserver to compare. It works fine as well and is easier to get going.

To clarify, I installed the Media Streaming add-on app. I like the menu system and folder options over minimserver. It allows for some customization.

I suppose that’s the difference between a server designed specifically for music rather than an all-purpose media server. I can’t comment on the menu and folder options; minimserver is apparently very customisable but I haven’t explored that as the out of the box settings are good enough for what I want from a music server

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