Unitiqute2/NSats Second System - Speaker Cable Recommendations

Hi All, I am setting up a second system in my office comprising Unitiqute2 and NSats. I am looking for recommendations on a suitable speaker cable that would have synergy with the proposed components. Unfortunately in this instance NacA5 would be too rigid to hug the profile of where I need to route the cables so I am looking for a reasonably pliable, not too expensive alternative. Ideally 1.5-2m in length, although I suppose there needs to be a minimum length but I am not sure what that needs to be. Any thoughts?

I use Chord Rumor 2 in the living room, mostly because it’s white, pliable, and I found the needed 8m used at a great price from my dealer. But it sounds as good as the NACA5 I had before. All depends on your budget I suppose. Whatever you, do, I would get the minimum 3.5m or longer. It won’t set you back that much more and easier to move on later if need be (or extra length if system moves).

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I use 2m pair of linn k20 with my uq2, the minimum 3.5m length does not really apply for this amp. This cable is identical to naca4.

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Where are you located?

If you’re in the U.S. I suggest AV Options Twisted 56

Thanks All, I have bought a half price pair of 3.5m Chord Rumor 2 used cable’s off eBay. Will try those first. They look pliable enough and on 14 day trial, also white (which was a criteria I forgot to mention). Thanks for the advise…

Choice of cables is more down to speakers than amp in terms of sound matching. Obviously Naim amps have some compatibility restrictions but the UQ2 is flexible. The n-Sats will like a good multistranded cable. Low cost options for a second system are pkentiful and I think all the above suggestions will work well.

FWIW (not much) Atlas Equator 2.0 is a nice low cost alternative.

WitchHat N2

Another vote here for the Chord Rumour cables …

Another vote for witch hat N2- excellent and sensible priced.

We have used the Crimson RM Music Link speaker cables to very good effect.

Chord Rumour 2 installed and playing music to my ears as I type. Its a great match to the Unitiqute and NSats for my Office second system, very musical…

I have exactly the same system in my kitchen. The speakers cable is Van del Hul 2x18 FEP. It’s OK to my ears but never made any comparison with other cables.

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