Unitiqute2 suddenly stops streaming

Since a few days there is a bit stress in my unitiqute2.
It suddenly stopped steaming from hdx. Qute is connected via lan to a new strong wlan repeater nearby my router. Hdx connected via lan - no other option :slight_smile:
I thought it has lost connection - but it is still connected no input initializing shown in the display.
The display even shows full buffering.
But via app it can not be re-woken with pause or play. Restarting the song is fine … strange.
I d not hope that the streaming board is coming to an end… I have a guarantee (bought it used but from a dealer).

Any ideas.
Will restart the whole system - Router - repeater - qute

Try temporarily connecting via Ethernet to rule out the repeater, as you mention it’s new.

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That’s what I thought I should do.
Not very easy as it is the bedroom :o)
Will de-install it and bring it for testing near router.

Had problems before - only bought the repeater because of the qute.
Tested with files from nas instead of hdx - same issue.
Now restarted repeater.

Except the long and not very easy to install Ethernet cable, I have tried everything. Qute suddenly stops after a while.
Think my wlan environment is a bit against naim 1st gen streamers. No problem with muso 2, but had also issues when tested unitilite here for my friend.
Is there a (no naim) not too expensive shoebox streamer (quobuz incl) to consider.
Or trading qute for atom… but like the warmer qute sound which is n perfect harmony with my LS…

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