Unitiserv ripping problems - incorrect details on index

Afternoon all, I am new to this so please bear with me. I have just got a Unitiserv 2Tb and have started ripping my CDs to it. Most are fine but some have started coming up as unknown in the index, whilst others have got completely wrong details appearing - Subcircus “Don’t 86 me” comes up as Badmarsh and Shri “Get up” for instance. I have not got anything by Badmarsh so it’s not me getting the CDs from the wrong cases. Any ideas what is going on?

Hi, first you should check that the firmware is up to date as this can affect metadata lookup. The latest version is 1.7c.

If you’re ripping relatively obscure or new CDs there’s a chance that they are missing from the online databases that the Unitiserve, like all Cd rippers, use to add metadata.
There’s the option to correct metadata if you can’t get it from online sources. Easiest is to do it on the N-Serve app on an iOS device or Mac.

Hi Chris, Thanks I will give that a go

@ChrisSU is bang on here.

Mainstream album rips are accurate on my UnitiServe 2TB (on 1.7c FW), but anything a bit left field foxes the online look up (which I don’t think is the most exhaustive music database out there) but correcting title, artist, track names & genre is simple via N-Serve on my iPad.

Poor old UnitiServe, getting a bit long in the tooth.

I can’t remember exactly which databases the US uses, but there aren’t that many of them out there and it uses 3 so I reckon it should have as good a chance as anything if finding the correct metadata.
Having said that, on the rare occasions where mine failed to find an album my go-to solution was to use iTunes, which uses the Gracenote database and usually seemed to come up trumps.

Afternoon, checked and I am on v1.7c, so no problem there. The recognition does seem a little random, it got Christina Pato, a Galician bagpipe player, complete with cover art, but did not recognise any Frank Sinatra. 2 last questions: If I edit the artist and album name will it automatically pick up the correct track listings and cover art or does that have to be manually changed? Also, what’s the best way to find the cover art when all the other details are correct?

Once the rip is complete just check everything - in my experience cover art is the thing that’s most often wrong, I guess because there are often multiple versions in use so it’s not always easy to identify one as being correct.
If the track listings aren’t there that probably means that the metadata lookup failed to identify the album at all, so you will probably be adding everything yourself.
Finding cover art is easy in the N-Serve app (iOS or OSX) and you should never attempt to use other non-Naim interfaces to change it - or any metadata - as doing this will break the database and almost certainly cause problems later on.

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To change Cover Art in N-Serve open the Album, go to Edit and there is an option to Change Cover, either by Web Search or Photo Library.

You can take a picture of the CD cover and use that, for example. Its very simple and resolution for almost all cover art found on the web is sufficient, so dont get stressed about tying to find a super duper hi-res image as it will not make much difference viewing it on your phone or tablet anyway.


It uses Rovi, MusicBrainz and the third one is FreeDB which is no longer available. There is a small extremely limited local FreeDB database stored in the Unitiserve, but that’s almost useless.

Answering an earlier question, correcting the album title and artist doesn’t help with finding the rest of the metadata. On Unitiserve it’s a one time lookup. If it can’t find the right album, it often chooses one with the same number of tracks and you have to edit everything by hand using n-serve.

When I had the Unitserve, I had to use the Naim Desktop client for Unitserve on my pc.
I could change the cover or title.
Don’t know why but I couldn’t change the cover using N-serve app.

That is a strange one FR, in 8 years, I have never used the Desk Top Client for menial tasks like changing cover art. I can’t imagine only your N-Serve app had a weird bug that did not allow you to change cover art in it.

Did you ever seek assistance from the Forum about it?

iTunes not perfect either, but yeah, good enough for most stuff. Better (more consistent) handling of the “feat. XXX” artist tags for tracks would be appreciated. Years ago I remember using a database that allowed the corrected information to be submitted to allow the database to “learn”. Not sure if that idea is embedded in the ToS for current databases, but I’d not be surprised. Code the feedback loop and the database doesn’t need to do its own research. The users will do it for them.

No, people were just saying that you can use Desktop client or N-serve. Only the former worked for me. The N serve was proposing a lot of covers, but not the good one.

I think that was FreeDB, but it has closed now I believe and users can’t as far as I know submit change requests or updates to Rovi or MusicBrainz.

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Thanks everyone, have now got the hang of it ( New to Apple as well as Main - so have been learning as I go)

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