Unitiserve 2tb : connection in app

In the N-Serve App, does the connection have to be automatic? Furthermore, it is also necessary to select the command Keep the connection? I am asking for Unitiserve 2tb. Thanks

It’s fairly straightforward I think. If you prefer to tell it to connect after you have opened the app, then turn off the automatic connection. I would leave that on.

And I’m not sure why you would want it to stay connected, so I would leave that off.

But it’s a while since I used a Unitiserve and the excellent n-serve app, so I may not be right…

Ok. Explain yourself a little better. Both ON? Today I had ignition problems and I had to replace the cr2021 lithium battery, then a reset and it went. But I don’t remember what the connection was like on its native app.

As David says, ‘Auto connection’ on so that the app finds the server on opening.

‘Stay Connected’ is not necessarily a must despite what it says or what it suggests. However, I have mine on for no particular reason.

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‘Stay connected’ keeps the app connected to the US, and likely chews the iPhones battery, so I wouldn’t generally bother with it.

I’m not sure what ‘Stay Connected’ does these days.
I used to always have it enabled, now I don’t bother as I don’t see anything different on or off.

Are you saying you changed the battery in the Unitiserve? If that is what you are saying, did you reset the BIOS in the Unitiserve to Naim default? If not then your Unitiserve won’t work.

I believe the Naim dealer did this because I have already turned it off and on regularly three times since yesterday!

So the Naim dealer changed the battery, not you?

FWIW I have Auto Connection ON and Stay Connected OFF on my NS01. It works perfectly well like that and I’ve never had cause to change it.

Yes. My Naim services

Ok well as I said before, yes to automatically connect and no to stay connected.

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