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I think im gonna go over old ground here and someone shoot me down in flames if need be, but recently I’ve ripped a few CD albums and all of them picked up the album info except for the artwork. I had to manually add them on all 5 of them. They were all from the 80’s, 90’s and noughties and the server is running 1.7c RC1. I don’t expect a fix for this as it’s unsupported but intrigued to know of anyone else suffers from this?

Much Appreciated Steve

Unitiserve isn’t actually unsupported yet, although it’s true there hasn’t been a firmware release since the one that yours is on. A few weeks ago another user reported here that they were having difficulty with MusicBrainz sourced metadata and @Stevesky went off to look at it because it seemed to be affecting newer product metadata lookups too. He later said they had found a MusicBrainz server side issue. I don’t think he ever told us that it was fully resolved.

Anyway it might be worth dropping Naim technical support an email with the details of the five albums. I’m sure they rely on user reporting of issues with legacy servers, rather than their own surveillance.

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Good Shout Thank you, I will.


Hi @davidhendon @Burgy100

The issue with Musicbrainz was fixed a few months ago. This affected Core and Uniti Star. The backend database structure changed that broke the import to our Musicbrainz server instance. We pay to be a gold member for this service.

In the case of this, I think the problem is that Rovi have discontinued (again) their Music lookup api and replaced it with a new API and server backend. We updated Core, Uniti Star + apps to the new API, but unfortunately the Unitiserve is too old and we can’t get updates for it any more as the company Digifi that did the software went out of business in 2015.

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Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thank you Steve. Much appreciated :+1:t3:

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