Unitiserve backup errors

hi everyone, after updating unitiserve to version 1.7cRC1 i see errors in some files while backing up the MUSIC folder.
Unitiserve on the backup page highlights the errors and despite the fact that the file is copied in its entirety to the destination folder, it is corrupt and unplayable. It happens with one or two songs per album. I tried restarting unitiserve and also the nas (synology) with no results. I have run the backup multiple times and the problem persists each time with different songs and different albums.
during the backup unitiserve is not playing music and the nas has no other users connected
these are the recurring error messages:
“The specified network name is not longer avaiable”
“becouse it il being used in another proces”
“The process cannot access the file”
The backup drive version is

Hi, are you saying that the backup files are corrupt and won’t play? Presumably this would be via a UPnP server on the NAS? If so, do the original files on the Unitiserve play OK, or are they also corrupted?

Hi, the files on unitiserve are correct and I can also play them from the PC player, no problem for that. Only some files in the backup destination folder on the nas are corrupted, I see them correctly, but if I try to play them with the pc from that backup folder the player gives an error and does not play the file

Strange. I wonder if you have a damaged drive on your backup NAS? Maybe worth logging in and checking the health of the hdd.

Thanks for the reply. The nas works correctly, the backup destination is in a volume consisting of 4 disks in raid 5, all other active services work fine

The problem manifests itself only with the automatic backup running unitiserve towards the nas, I don’t know what else to check

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