Unitiserve backup problems to synology nas

Hello guys,
I have a problem with the Unitiserve automatic backup directed to the Synology NAS.
Uniserve Firmware Version: 1.7c RC1
I created a special backup folder on the NAS, the folder is empty and contains no files.
With the Desktop Client software (version I deactivate the shared folder to transform it into a backup destination but an error comes out: ‘this folder contains files and cannot be used as a backup destination’

Previously before the last Unitiserve firmware update, Unitiserve made daily backups without problems, now I don’t know what to blame because in the meantime the pc running the desktop client has changed and also the synology firmware has followed the various updates.
Thanks to anyone who can help me

When you create a new folder computers sometimes put a hidden file or subfolder in it, so you think it’s empty, but it’s not.
Try deleting the folder and create a new one. Don’t click on it, open it, or do anything at all to it except for giving it a name.

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Chris means try deleting the folder and then create a new folder but don’t click on it or open it.

I have enabled viewing of hidden folders and files and the folder created for backup does not show anything inside, it is really empty

What happened to your previous backup? It’s not normally necessary to start again after a Unitiserve or Synology update.

The previous backup, after a series of daily failed errors, I deleted to create a new one from scratch. In practice, with the 1.7c update the automatic backup is no longer successful. I’m not worried because I do a manual backup of the files anyway but the automatic backup was very convenient.

Have you set up the backup folder in the prescribed way as per these instructions? They are dated, but you should still be able to follow them.

Unitiserve firmware 1.7c was released about 5 years ago and it was tested by the beta group at the time. There are fewer Unitiserves out there these days, but I never saw a report then or since that the update broke backup. So I think this is actually a problem you have rather than everyone has.

Even though you have looked at the folder with show hidden files turned on, it would still be worth trying ChrisSU’s suggestion about deleting the folder.

I followed the procedure and thank you. I think I’ve figured out the problem with the backup destination folder that Unitiserve is not finding empty. Well, if the ‘iTunes Serve’ application is running on the synology nas, Unitiserve sees the shared folder as busy even though it contains no files.
I hope this information is also useful for other users with the same problem.
Now I’ve managed to create a shared folder on synology as an auto backup destination.

I have another little problem now, I don’t remember how to setup the codivided folders online which I see on the desktop client. The backup folder is currently offline and the backup does not start.
thanks again for the help

I answer only know, to leave a reference also to those who were in the same problem.
With the increasingly efficient synilogy updates, specific authorizations have appeared for sharing files and folders using the SMB protocol (the win XP system protocol)
in the Sunology Control Panel:
file services
enable smb service
advanced settings
enable opportunistic locking
enable SMB2 version
enable durable SMB management

With these settings, Unitiserve shared folders will come online

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