Unitiserve Backup

I have a Unitiserve and a Synology DS216J Nas Server . I bought the Synology To hold a backup of the music files from my Unitiserve .

I’m looking for a step by step guide as to how to set this up - Synology have been no help so I’m stuck .

Can anyone assist ?

A while ago Naim produced these instructions, which are a little out of date, but I did manage to follow them to set up a DS115:

There’s further relevant info in the Unitiserve manual about setting things up at that end once the NAS is configured.

If I remember correctly, the US doesn’t stream. You have to use it with a DAC. Is this correct? Do you use a streamer, streamer amp or DAC to play music stored on the US?

Hi Harry

Thanks for responding on this . I use the Unitiserve with an NDX . Thanks

Hi Chris

Thanks for the links . If you have a minute perhaps you would just walk me through the main steps you took to set up your backup ? I’m struggling a bit with all this .

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