UnitiServe BIOS settings - disable read-only mode

The 1.7c RC1 is I believe identical to 1.7c except for the RC1 tag, so no need to do an update.

But the fact it has 1.7cRC1 on it means that someone has had it out of the box and put that on it. Naim had stopped manufacturing Unitiserves several years before 1.7c came along. I wonder how new it is really, unless the dealer has just put 1.7cRC1 on prior to offering it to you.

The new version of the Desktop Client is on the update disc Steve refers to.

Editing stuff on Unitiserves is a whole other subject. It depends exactly where and how you have put the files on the Unitiserve.

Thank you Steve.
@ the Rooster: the device itself is on 1.7c, I was inquiring about the Desktop Client. Mail to supprt is in their inbox.
@David: yes, he must have played with it, but given the sealed instructions and CD I doubt it ever left his shop. And about the editing, after some more reading here I am afraid that is the price one has to pay.
Seems I have to find mysely an acceptable €-amount now :slight_smile:
If only the rips weren’t that good…



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@Stevesky - could you please confirm whether a mini ITX motherboard would fit in the UnitiServe enclosure?

You can use the N-Serve app on iOS devices to edit metadata on Unitiserve CD rips. There is also an OSX version, although if you use the DTC I’m guessing you’re a PC user. Using any non-Naim metadata editing can break the database so should be avoided.
The metadata editing options are basic but you can change artwork, genre and a few other fields.

Yes, I am all Windows and Android. But I could get hold of an iPad once I have all the CDs ripped, should not be an issue.
Thanks for all the help &

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N-Serve is my preferred UI for metadata edits and other routine tasks. For other stuff, such as setting up network shares, backup etc. there is a browser interface which you may want to use. Unfortunately using Flash, it no longer works as intended but see this link for a workaround that opens it:

Cool workaround, thanks!

Hi @johan.pretroius

Yes, the Unitiserve is based around a mini itx profile motherboard. If swapping it out with a different one, need to sanity check there are no mechanical component clashes like hard drive brackets and connector positions.



So, thanks also to the support here I am now proud owner of a UnitiServe. And guess what, the forecast for the weekend is all gray and overcast, so I will have time to rip my CD-collection :slight_smile:
One more question: the UnitiServe is no longer visible in the local network (via Windows Explorer). The Desktop Client and the workaround described above still work, but I cannot see it in the Explorer. Nor can I define a backup NAS. Any ideas on that?



Likely you will have to enable SMB1 service in your PC as by default it’s off and the Unitiserve requires it to be on, or you simply won’t be able to communicate with it over your network. Similarly your NAS will also need to have SMB1 enabled.

It has to be SMB1. SMB2 or 3 will not work.

Thanks David. It would be for the NAS backup only. Now if I cannot get that to work (and I do understand that SMB1 is not really kosher) can’t I just use one of the many USB-ports on the back of the UnitiServe? Attach a properly sized SSD, try to run a backup through the UnitiServe UI and all good? Or will the copies be insufficient?



You can backup however you want, but a key objective is to be able to restore to a new hard disc if the old one fails and that means you must do the backup using the backup function in the US rather than just copy and paste the music files. Again there are all sorts of potential workarounds though!

The advantage of a NAS is that you can set up a regular backup routine that just works every how ever often you want and then forget about it. But a USB SSD is how I backup my UnitiCore for example.

Edit: But I defer to ChrisSU’s answer next.

The Unitiserve automatic backup only works to a NAS. You cannot use its USB ports for this.
You could perform manual backups by copying files in Windows Explorer but the auto backup works well once set up so it’s worth doing.

Thanks Chris. In the meantime I am able to see the UnitiServe on the Explorer (ignoring the SMB1 issue on an old MS Surface) but: the UnitiServe does not seem to see the network. Means I can not create a new network share. The UnitiServe (WebUI as explained above) tells me “Unable to add Network Share. A value is required for Hostname, IPAdress and Share before and external storage share can be added” (the typo in “and” where it should be “an” is real). And I have no idea where to enter these things, all I can enter is a network adress starting with \.
Any workaround for that? An option in the Desktop Client I have not discovered yet?



P.S. the machine is worth every minute. The rips are superb, and managing the database works well thanks to the advise given here.

When the US was current Naim wrote a couple of instruction sheets that set out how to set up the backup volume on a Synology or QNAP NAS. They are dated now, but you can probably still follow the required steps on a suitable current NAS if you have one, along with the US manual.

The browser interface (accessed as described above) is the only way I could get network shares etc. to work so I would suggest using that for the Unitiserve side once you have a destination set up.

Trust you all had a great Christmas break and a good start into 2022.
To summarize my experience with the Unitiserve: Ripping even a larger CD collection is not a lot of work. Because the “old” US does not recognise all CDs (means the internet databases the device “consults” are insufficient or even out of business) some editing is required. Changing CD covers (“Artwork”), Album titles and Artists is easy with the Desktop Client. Editing genres can only be done by the browser interface.
But what I have not been able to do is setting up a backup strategy, neither on my NAS nor locally on a USB stick. Neither the browser interface nor the desktop client allow me to do so:

(I can only display one png here, but the issue is the same with the browser interface)

The workarounds Chris suggested do not work for my NAS.
So, was it worth it? I think yes, as the sound quality beats everything. With the Naim App I have very good control on my library. Backup needs to go via Windows, “manually” copying files from the US is no issue at all.
And one more thing: I cannot convert WAV to FLAC and save the FLACs in a different location, If I convert the entire collection is changed and saved in FLAC. Means I will have to do this outside the US. I will use the copies on the NAS and try dbpoweramp or the like.

Once more, thanks for all the support and



US is not in my area of knowledge, but just to check, are you sure that the NAS Share exists. As a check, on your PC get a command prompt and type;

dir \\fritz.box\FRITZ.NAS\Seagate

and check it doesn’t error

You can move an album to a different genre using any interface - at least on N-Serve, I don’t use the Windows DTC. It’s just that you need to create a new genre elsewhere beforehand.

You cannot create a backup on a USB stick. You really need either a Synology or QNAP NAS (or quite possibly other brands but these are tried and tested and were checked out by Naim in the past.)

I would strongly recommend that you save your rips as FLAC on the Unitiserve. If you copy WAVs to another destination and convert them there you will end up with metadata that non-Naim kit can’t read. If you find that WAVs sound better you can set the Unitiserve to convert FLAC to WAV ‘on the fly’ on playback. This gives you the versatility and reduced file size of FLAC, and the potentially better sound quality of WAV.