Unitiserve CD Lookup with 1.7c

Hello everybody,

I have noticed increasingly that the CD lookup is becoming less effective at finding albums and the CD match Rovi Cloud (via MusicBrainz) finds very little information about the album and every album it finds its genre is unassigned. Is this normal please or has my 1.7c got corrupted somehow.

Thanks Steve

I ripped a CD last week with 1.7c, no issues except that the ‘genre’ metadata was not assigned, but that is common for genre, I have found. Not a problem as you can edit manually in the U-Serve app.

If these are reasonably popular CDs there shouldn’t be a problem. 1.7c was released primarily to remove the obsolete AMG lookup.
Depending on what CDs you are trying to rip, a very recent release may not yet have found its way onto the database, or it may just be that poor metadata was added.
I’ve always found that Genre in particular is often incorrect or missing, although fortunately N-Serve makes it particularly quick and easy to edit.
I do wonder if, as the popularly of CD inevitably declines, the quality of these databases will drop as fewer people access them.

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