Unitiserve connection

Just moved to another house. And installing the boxes again.
Just wondering about the Unitiserve. Does it really need to be connected to the switch. Why not direct into the router? Or maybe I forgot the reason for that.
My wife dont like all the cables…
My new tv system also new boxes! And power supplies…

It can be directly connected. Most of the time the hifi stuff does not have to access the router for internet, so is just using it as a switch. Connecting to a switch just leaves the router handling access to the internet, wifi etc. The switch in my system improved the SQ of my streamer system. But it is whatever works for your home.

Ya it works!

I connect NAS, NDX & TV via a switch, simply to keep the cable runs out of sight & that gives me just one ethernet thats visible going to the wireless hub.
I originally used a switch to improve streaming performance because at that time my wireless hub was a crap switch & it over heated.

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Ah ya. U mean that i can connect the tv decoder to the switch too?
Am really a novice with this data thing.

But is there is a sound improvement connecting my US to a switch.
Am playing 24-96 without problem now.
It sounds good, but hard to tell yet because my system is still cold.

Yes I stream Net Flicks & other services to TV, I can do the same over wireless, but ethernet is more robust.

There is no guarantee of getting sound improvements using a switch because most wireless hubs have OK switch chip-sets these days. But in my experience a switch will make some improvement, even if its small.
If you can play 24/96 without problems, thats a good indication, 2nd indication is the heat from the hub, if it gets warmer when playing then maybe best to think about a switch.

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Yes. I understand. Router gets more hot now.
I will re-arrange everything tom.
I already got the switch.

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Oh. now it drops out when i play 24-192.
I will find my switch…

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Once the secure connection is established, as per @Mike-B ‘s diagram, you can start experimenting with various streaming cables. Typically they may benefit the ‘sound’ when connected towards the end of the signal chain, right before the streamer.

Hi Adam, long time no see, where’s ya been man?

Hey Mike - last few months have been hectic…
Adopted a dog just before Easter (1.5 year old golden retriever), so as you can imagine our lives were thrown upside down - now starting to calm down and settling into a new routine…
Also in-between jobs at the moment, so that helps with time :slight_smile:


OK, good to have you back on the forum, have a good time with your dog buddy.


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