Unitiserve hard disk as a streamer?

Is the Unitiserve able to see and play music from a network attached source - PC or Nas, as well as from its internal HD?

Yes it is able to see other music on the same network, but I think they have to be configured as network shares in the n-Serve app or the browser interface entering the up address (the latter needs Flash.)


There are two types of UnitiServes - with an internal HD and an SSD version (no internal storage).
Both will play back tracks from network-attached storage devices, provided those were enabled as STORE via the UnitiServe software.

If I recall most file formats, and sampling of 196 kHz / 24 bit are supported. Not sure about DSD files though…

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Being as you are a Unitiserve wizz, do you have any ideas on this thread?:

Uniticore unable to see Unitiserve to Import library



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