UnitiServe Harddisk (HHD)

Hi, can an owner replace this himself, or does it need Naim to be involved? K

I’m pretty sure Naim authorized service need to be involved - given the OS etc. that needs to reside on the disk. Now I’m sure that someone who really knows their way around these things can manage to do it, but it’s not designed to be owner-replaced.

AND, instructions how to do so would violate our Forum rules here as well.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. K

Bart is correct, the OS runs on the HDD, so you can’t simply remove it and replace it with a blank disc. You will more than likely need to bite the bullet and return it to Naim for a service.

As Chris says.

I recall a guy in Russia who sourced the right hard disc and did everything he could, but Naim would simply not provide Him with the software image so he could do the fix himself. No doubt there is a good reason why, but anyway the US will definitely need to go to Naim service.



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