I inserted a double disc of “Enzo Jannacci - The Best” into Unitiserve. The double CD was ripped on a Melco by a local authorized naim and melco dealer. The two CDs were joined by unitiserve and only one track was put on a separate CD. I would like to know the reason and what I can do to put this song back together with the others. Wav format 44.1 - 16. I have already cleaned up with the Metadata Jaikoz pro software. No way…

Sorry but it’s quite difficult to know what you are asking here? What’s the Melco got to do with it?
I could guess, but perhaps if you explain again…



Simple, they gave me a work by Enzo Jannacci ripped through Melco. I spent all 35 tracks on Jaikoz Metadata software. In other NAS everything is ok. On unitiserve in the download folder NO since only one song has been divided.

OK. I think this is just a metadata problem. For whatever reason one track has different metadata to the rest. That should be easy to fix with a proper metadata editor like dbpoweramp for example. I don’t know anything about Jaikoz, but you could look carefully at the metadata again with that.

Anyway it’s not a Unitiserve issue.



Dbpoweramp Metadata? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yes, dbpoweramp can fix this. It really is time for you to learn how to do this stuff. Just fiddle about with the metadata - you can’t break anything. You can merge albums, split albums, do whatever you want really. The best way to learn is simply to get stuck in.

What is the download software called?

Dbpoweramp, just as I wrote above.

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