Unitiserve : Music that freezes

Today a strange problem. In two discs (Mark Knofer - the tracker and Rod Stewart - with Philarmonic Orchestra) the music through unitiserve stopped every few seconds and sometimes it didn’t even start again. What could that be? Music files or Unitiserve? Both placed in the unitiserve download folder.

The UnitiServe has good taste and is protecting you from yourself.


Restart all, router, unitserve then streamer, not in same time. It works 99% of time.

Probably you just need to restart your Unitiserve. Don’t forget to do it properly by touching the front panel logo and after it has stopped flashing and gone off, switch the rocker switch on the back panel to off and then on again.

After about 100 ripped CDs I can say that the Unitiserve has to be restarted after about 30 CDs. It basically expresses itself in the fact that a CD is not read or remains in the ripping process for a long time (> 30min). A CD had to be removed using a paper clip during that time.

I also learned not to just switch it off. It may causes unpredictable results, such as network problems. The switch-off process as described in the manual must be followed.

It could also be that the long ripping process was caused by the same error as you described. However, I don’t hear with the Unitiserve, its just for ripping.

Are you ripping a number of CDs, one after the other, and are you saving them as FLACs? If so, it’s possible to build up quite a backlog of albums in a queue, as the Unitiserve transcodes the one at a time. You should wait until this process is complete before attempting to view, play or edit the files.

They were not ripped records but purchased

If ripped, several in a row with breaks in between. Tagging is generally done later, so the files are not touched during ripping.

I got it wrong, sorry. Rereading and seems you are playing files.

Last night I turned Unitiserve off and on again as usual and in the textbook. Today it seems that the same songs from yesterday afternoon sound good and without interruptions. Who knows why only the restart of the US was enough?

I menioned this mainly because it’s an issue that is easily missed if you use FLAC. Especially if you sometimes turn off the Unitiserve, as it may not have finished the conversion. Also, if you use external storage, this may further slow down the process.

The Unitiserve is a computer basically and all computers need a restart sometimes. Glad it’s ok now.



That seems to be the case as with my UnitiServe. Sometimes a server just has to be restarted.

I know what you’re talking about and know the procedure. And since nothing is switched off or disconnected, the processes naturally end. Especially since the files are stored on an external server and not in the Unitiserve.
If a CD takes longer ripping than, lets say >20minutes, it is not the external server, but either the CD itself or the Unitiserve. The first way is always to restart US. The CD then is reading correctly and ripped.

So far only one CD has not been read although this is how it was done

This morning I noticed a disconnection from unitiserve through the Mu-so cube 1 …

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