UnitiServe not accessible by Windows 10

Hi everyone
I am still experimenting with my UnitiServe, I now want to transfer files from my Synology NAS to the downloads folder on the UnitiServe. File explorer can see the UnitiServe, but when I click or right click, file explorer freezes.
I have turned on SMB 1.0/CIFS Client and Server and also changed the workgroup to NAIM, with no success.
Any ideas welcomed!

As you are trying to copy files from the NAS, presumably this is where the problem lies? The paste destination being selected later.
Does drag and drop work any better?

Hi ChrisSU
I haven’t even got to the stage of copying, all I am trying to do at this stage is to browse.

As a Mac user I’m not sure what else to suggest! I would expect to be able to browse the Unitiserve’s stored files on a computer, just like any other drive.

Rather than clicking the unitiserve in network, try typing its IP address in the bar i.e. \192.168.x.x

But to be honest things like this will continue to get worse, unitiserve was outdated by quite some margin when it was released, security issues aside I think its like windows XP imbedded, you may want. consider succession planning.

Just a thought, is your work computer your own, or a work computer managed by an IT group? If the later, there may be security policies in place preventing SMB 1.0 change from sticking

Hi garyi
Typing in the IP address in the file explorer bar opens up a browser window which then says ‘this plugin is not support’. Presumably Adobe Flash.
Granted the UnitiServe is outdated, but I wonder if it is possible to fit the innards of a UnitiCore into the chassis of a UnitiServe…

Hi GadgetMan
The PC is my personal machine and it has never been joined to a domain.

Since Adobe withdrew Flash support there is a workaround that will allow you to access the Unitiserve via what used to be known as the Browser Interface. This is what used to appear if you typed the IP address into a browser. Instructions here:

I still find this interface useful, but it is not what you want for transferring files onto the US Downloads folder. Not sure why you can’t do this by simple copy and paste.

The Core is a very different design to the US, albeit that the firmware is based on it. Even if you could get hold of the ‘innards’ I don’t think you would get them into a US box. Personally I wouldn’t want to given that the Core lacks a number of useful functions that the US has.

Hi not in a browser. IN windows explorer open a window and in the top of it is an address bar do 2 back slashes (this forum wont let you) followed by the ip



Even on win11 I can use the network name and type \(networkname) in the run dialog and get access to my download folder on my ns01. I have just copied a file to it to be sure it actually does work.
The simplest way for me at least to find the name is to use the desktop client that shows both the ip address and the network name.

Hi ChrisSU
Thanks for the pointer about the interface workaround, I will give it a go this weekend. Based on your advice, I will give up on the idea of UnitiCore!

Hi garyi
What a lifesaver you are!! I would never have thought that the double backslash is all it would take! I can now see my downloads folder!!
Onwards to the next step…many thanks for enabling this.

Hi Suedkiez
I now love backslashes! So the Naim forum turns 3 into 2, good to know.

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Hi Claus
The network name doesn’t work for me, but the IP address does work. I have no idea why.

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