Unitiserve not reckognized

When I updated to the new naim/focal app on my Ipad my unitiserve could no longer be found. Trying to make contact by IP adress did not do the trick. Luckily I still have the old app on my Iphone that still works.
Is there a way to operate the unitiserve in the new app or is this a subtle way of Naim saying I should invest in new equipment. The lifespan of Naim products used to be more than 10 years!

Unitiserve was never recognised by the Naim app used for streamers. It (still) requires the Naim N-Serve app which is still available for IOS but not for Android. It works fine on iPad. There is also N-Serve for Mac and you can use the Windows DTC for windows. There is nothing available for Android.


May I respectfully disagree here? The app, let it be old versions or the current one are absolutley perfect to control the Unitiserve on Androids.

Whatever reason there is to rplace the Unitiserve, accessibility is not one of them.

David was referring to the ability to control the Unitiserve, not its visibility to a streamer controlled by the Naim app or remote control, as shown in your screenshots. For this, the N-Serve app is required. It will run on any iOS device.

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As Chris said, I was talking about controlling the Unitiserve, including for example editing metadata or controlling the Unitiserve as a hard disc player through its digital output rather than over a network.

Of course if a Naim streamer can see the Unitiserve over the home network, then the Naim app controlling that streamer will be able to stream from the Unitiserve.

I interpreted what @22marcelnaim was saying as @segelmatt did. I use an NS01 server which works in the same way as a UnitiServe. Although it works ok on the latest version of the app, it does take a long time to be found by the app. It may be this behaviour that @22marcelnaim is referring to. When this happens I find that the NS01 can still be seen immediately on n-serve, it is just the Naim app which takes a long time. Sometimes I’ve found that turning Wi-Fi off and on again on the iPad / iPhone will enable the server to be found. Likewise occasionally turning the router off and on again seems to sort it. Another fix I’ve found is switching to the Beta version of the app, although this can often be just as bad.

Hello Clive,
The simple solutions are sometimes overlooked. After switching my router off and on the app no longer had difficulty in recognizing my unitiserve or indeed my unitilite. I am happy and sorry for the disturbance and ill remarks towards Naim products.

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