Unitiserve Power Up Problem

My 2TB unitiserve seems to have developed a problem that I hope some one on here can help me solve.

When I power up the logo lights up solid for a few moments then starts flashing and that’s it. It doesn’t go beyond that, I’ve tried powering it down by “pressing” the logo but nothing Left it flashing away for over fifteen minutes but still didn’t power up so had to switch off in the end. System did get switched off incorrectly due to a power cut i.e. not via the logo but surely it should survive that Hoping it’s not terminal as I have 1900 CDs ripped onto the hard drive (good job I have a back up drive updated yesterday)

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There’s not much you can do other than turn it off, remove the power chord, and leave it for a while, then try switching it on again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to take it to your dealer or Naim service dept. Good luck!

Hi Eddie,

Are you able to connect a monitor to the VGA port on the back?


I’ll have to borrow one off a friend Hopefully get one tonight Any ideas what I should be looking for if I can get hold of one

The most common reason for your issue after a power down (of any type), is a failed CMOS backup battery.
If this is the case, you will see white text on the POST screen, together with a checksum error.

If you are confident to replace the battery yourself, I can talk you through it. You will need a PS/2 keyboard too (that’s not Playstation by the way)!

Let me know what you find.


Almost certainly this will be a dead CMOS battery. If you are confident about going inside and replacing the lithium battery without destroying the electronics through electrostatic discharge, like with inside any PC, and you can connect a keyboard and vga screen to the Unitiserve, when it restarts you can answer the question “use Naim defaults?” with yes and then it will restart and that is that. Or maybe your dealer will do it for free. Or Naim will do it for the £350 “standard service charge” (I’m not joking).

Of course it might be a failed hard disc in which case the Naim charge is a bit more understandable, especially as they will try to recover your music if necessary.

Edit: But the best option would be to accept Neil’s offer of talking you through it!


Thanks for the help guys Probably do it myself as I am pretty confident at working around inside PCs and I’ve got the grounding straps to stop static discharges and build up so that side of it should be okay Will check my paper work first though as I have a sneaky feeling that it is still under the 5 year warranty if so its going back to Naim

Sounds like the problem I had, it was the battery, seemingly easy fix but Naim relieved me of £340 unfortunately. On a positive note they seem to have revised their warranty conditions to include parts and labour for the 5 years which is good.

Further update is that I bought the Unitiserve on 22 Jan 2015 so as it came with a 5 year warranty I let Naim sort it out for me Telephone call to service department tomorrow is my next course of action Will keep you all posted as to the outcome Thanks again for all the help

Kindest Regards

That’s good news Eddie - we will also carry out any hardware updates, remedial work etc. that may be required, along with some HDD health checks + final testing & soaking while it is under the Naim HQ roof.


Got my US back from Naim today and it’s all better now. It was worth being stuck in traffic for an hour each way (thanks to the A38 being closed) to pick it up Looks like I’m in for a late night as it is sounding better than ever Big thank you to Naim for the repairs, updates and saving my 1906 albums as a bonus Thanks again

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