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It just doesn’t go that way. Unitiserve and Naim is enough with these problems. We got bored. I have the latest firmware version 1.7c on Unitiserve. I have the disc of Coolplay - everyday life in aif 24-96 and I copied it to the internal download folder. The PC sees it but the iPhone and iPad apps NO. So I can’t listen to it on Qubo and ND5xs2. I got annoyed with all this. Naim has to do something

The Unitiserve can take a long time to find something added to the downloads folder. A few hours was commonplace when I had one and I have heard people say that it takes weeks some time.

One thing you could try if you want is to restart the US in the hope that it will rescan on start up. You could also use the Windows Desktop Client to initiate a rescan.


Thanks dear, but I have already turned the unit service off and on again. Nothing to do for now. Is it better to wait? How come the Diana Krall-Christmas Song’s ripped disc at the same time I see it in the MQ folder? And why did I put Pink Floyd - The Later Years 1987/2019 on the same download folder at the same time and do I see it right away?

Have you examined the metadata on the aiff files to make sure it is there? Without that, the streamer/app will not be able to see it.

Purchased by a friend of mine on Qobuz … If I have to check every time? Oh well we will do it … But now I understand why the vinyl has been successful … No goos them … In this way the Download or Streaming will die if the companies do not find a common policy to all! Excuse the outburst. In fact, in three weeks I bought 12 vinyl and I almost don’t take the liquid anymore …

Qobuz have a reputation for often providing poor or missing metadata, so I suspect that may be your problem. In any case, it’s best to check that a download has correct metadata before you save the file it it’s final storage destination, as you can never be sure that it is accurate.

Thanks, I’ll try the Metadata to redo them. Can you tell me how can I redo the scan via the desktop PC manager that is now connected? The commands?

If you use a PC, it will be via the Naim Desktop Client. As a Mac user, I am only familiar with the N-Serve app, but I’m sure it will be in the menu somewhere.

So, I reviewed the Metadata with Jaikoz on the MusicBrainz servers. At the beginning when I throw them on download the App finds them and starts to read them the first tracks of this blessed album but unfortunately when I transfer it to the download folder it stops after half and I don’t see the 16 tracks but only 13! What the hell’s going on?

However I recommend from experience to buy the liquid from HD tracks.com and not Qobuz. These Frenchmen never have the Metadata done well. On HD tracks never a problem … And fortunately there is Tidal and the Internet radio for the ND5 xs2 because through nas and / or unitiserve it is tiring … Vinyl is better, today it costs the right amount and you have no problems listening or metadata to search for the song …

“These Frenchmen…”, I’m sure their nationality is irrelevant.

I meant the Qobuz, not the French in general

Andrea, the unitserve is unfortunately very lunatic. The downloads can appear a long time after , as some said.
If you want to listen quickly, you can put some files on a memory stick and connect the memory stick at the back of the unitserve. You will not have to wait. The files will appear instantly on the app with that method.

Never had any issues with the Downloads folder. You can change the rescan Intervall in the settings from Instant to once a day or never. Transcode aiff to flac. Don‘t forget Unitiserve is a Windows Computer, developed >10 years ago.

I go to vinyl, another sound and without problems … And if I have to buy hd I will do it only from hd tracks that are much more serious than many others

You have Highrezaudio . com . No need to modify the metadata. ( highrezaudio germany)

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Can you explain how to do that? I can’t see any relevant commands (using n-Serve on a Mac).

Naim Desktop Client (Win) - tools - music repositories - scannable Network Shares - Scan Types - set Scan Typ (automatic, manual or scheduled)

With correct metdata, UnitiServe will pick up new downloads within few minutes. At least mine does, as it has been doing for years.


Thanks, that setting not available on n-Serve.