Unitiserve Problem Rip cd

Hi, I have a problem with usiserve. I have the latest software already installed and today I ripped a newly purchased cd (Marco Masini +1 30th Anniversary) 2 times. He gave me an error in the sense that he ripped but his name was Steve … with The Venetian songs … completely different from the original. I canceled the work done via iPhone with the N-Serve App by selecting cancel instead of replay. Still got Steve’s empty folder on my PC… Can’t delete even with naim desktop service software. It’s impossible. I ask the bosses how to do it. The music /mq folder can’t even be edited as administrator! Absurd that I am left with the author without the songs.

You can edit the metadata using the nServe app. If it’s not in the database the Serve won’t be able to find it, so editing is the answer.

Also you can replace what is there already by ripping the same CD again. It will automatically replace the one you interrupted. Then edit the metadata using n-serve as HH advises.

The Music/MQ folders are locked to stop you editing them and breaking the database. But you can edit or delete them if you change the folder attribute in windows. And if you do break the database, you can rebuild it.

I didn’t understand, Songs with a strange and untruthful name come out as well as the name of the non-real artist. Do you think it’s time to rip again and change everything with the N-Serve App? However I can’t figure out why it can’t find the right CD…

The earlier ripper’s databases are getting less and less functional. Typically this affects only the album art but it can get the wrong album name, artist and songs, too.

The only answer is to edit the information in the DeskTop Client (you can do it with n-Serve on your phone but its a pain if your eyes are over 25 years old)!

If the metadata on the database is missing or incorrect, the UnitiServe cannot find it. The answer is to edit the artist, album title and track names. That’s just the way it is. Use the nServe app or the desktop client.

The metadata lookup hardly works at all on Unitiserve now because of changes made by the metadata providers. If the Unitiserve can’t find the right metadata, it often substitutes one with the right number of tracks. Then you have to edit the metadata with n-serve. Ripping a second time will likely give you the same result as the first time.

Is absurd. I put the CD back to rip. I deleted it from the naim desktop manager. On N-Serve I don’t see it anymore but it remains on the PC. I want to delete it, it’s not possible! How you do it!?

Now I can’t do anything anymore because this morning I renamed the album to Marco Masini and I only renamed the first song. Now if I redo the ripping I’ll have duplicate problems because I can’t correct it in the right way since I already have the same one. I ask someone how to delete this blessed folder from the PC which is empty…

If you re-rip the CD in your Unitiserve, it will overwrite the one that you renamed. You don’t need to delete anything first. Just do it and it will be fine.

Then you can do the metadata changes again.

Are you sure? This morning I had renamed it according to what I read on the original cover of the CD (Marco Masini), I wouldn’t want it to create the “Steve Berry” folder as usual and then I can’t rename it as the one I already have! I’m afraid that there are two identical folders, one of which is fake and without the content as I see it now only on the PC desktop…

How come you have it on your desktop and why is there an empty folder on the Unitiserve?

Anyway you can delete the folder on your desktop by changing its attributes from locked to normal or whatever the descriptors are now.

You must never alter folders in your Unitiserve except with the n-serve app. You can delete a folder with the n-serve app too. When you rename an album using the n-serve app, it doesn’t change the name of the folder. It just adds new metadata to a special Naim file. And if you rip a CD a second time, it will just replace the previous rip. I am sure, although it’s a few years since I sold my Unitiserve.

Thank you for your time. On N-Serve I don’t see anything I created this morning. I don’t know how I got rid of it. But I have the folder left if I go to my network from PC / Unitiserve / Music /MQ/ Marco Masini

Did you rename the folder in the Unitiserve using your PC?

If so then you have likely broken the indexing and you will have to either rip everything again from the start, or you can use the Naim Windows Desk Top Client and ask it to rebuild the music database. I can’t remember how to do that now, but I recall it’s not entirely obvious.

No. I used N-Serve to do this

Well rip the CD again and it should show up in a few minutes, although Unitiserves are notoriously slow at indexing rips and downloads.

Done but I knew it was bad. Now I changed the cover and titles but I had to write the artist’s name backwards. Also the New Rip didn’t go over the old one. I don’t like Unitiserve, there is no Naim boss to answer you for this problem of being able to delete a folder which is on PC / Network / Unitiserve /Music / MQ and which has been deleted by N-Serve App

To be fair the Unitiserve is a rather ancient bit of kit nowadays. As for a “Naim boss”, Naim have a support pages on their website and also customer support people that you can ask by email or discuss over the phone.

The Marco Masini folder which does not exist in N-Serve must be deleted in one way or another

Thank you