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I have a ticket in to Naim support but it has been 4 days without an answer and I have searched the forum for an answer but can’t find it so I will ask the community for help. I have a Naim Unitiserve SSD with 1.7c firmware. I have it connected to a NAD c658 and ripped files go to a Synology NAS. I also have a Mu-So 1st gen. All connections through LAN. Ripped files play back fine through all 4 routes - NAS, Mu-So, NAD, and Unitiserve. However, when I transfer files from an external hard drive to the Synology NAS they play through the Synology app, the NAD and the Mu-So but I can not get them to show up on the Unitiserve. I don’t know if rebuilding the database is the answer or am I missing something simple. Thanks in advance for your help

You need an expert on Unitiserve SSD like @Adam.Zielinski but while he is finding his way here, I would just comment that you shouldn’t add stuff into the same shared folder that the US is ripping to because it messes up the US indexing.

In the US with an internal hard disc, you would add external files into the downloads folder which sits alongside the Music folders that the US uses. But I’m not sure how it works with Unitiserve SSD…


The US was indexing the files to HQ-I assume WAV, MQ-all FLAC files are going there, LQ - mp3 files. I was adding transferred files to these folders. I am having the US transcode everything to FLAC and a parallel mp3. I will try adding transferred files to a separate folder and rescan and see what happens

When I had a HDX I think all ripped files (WAV 16/44) went to MQ, HQ seemed to be there for a possible future feature as it was never used.

@davidhendon - thanks :slight_smile:

UnitiServe SSD needs 3 folder on a NAS to work:

  • RIP folder - this is where ripped files will be automatically served. This folder has 3 sub-folders: LQ, MQ, HQ. LQ is for MP3 copies of ripped CDs (if automatic MP3 generation is enabled), MQ - this is where ripped WAV files are saved. HQ is not used.
  • DOWNLOAD folder - this is where download files MUST be placed
  • BACKUP folder - to be used for backups if needed

RIP must have a STORE status enabled by the UnitiServe.
DOWNLOAD and BACKUP must have a SHARE status enabled for them.

One must never ever mess with a file structure in the RIP folder (well - thechnically speaking it is possible to add files there, but they must conform to the UnitiServe standard).

All other files, by default, go to the DOWNLOAD folder.


Adam has written a complete response. But if you’re sending files ripped from a cd by the uServe to a STORE that’s not on the uServe itself, then you cannot and must not also add your own files to that STORE; they won’t get indexed properly. Your own files go in the DOWNLOADS folder, or sub-folders you create therein.

I suggest that you read the Unitiserve manual, which explains how to use and manage network shares and music stores. As explained by others, you can not add to the folders in the music store manually, and once the database is broken you may need to start again from scratch.

I think you have all the answers now. To emphasise a couple of points, the HQ sub-folder is never used. The US places WAV and FLAC rips into the MQ folder (and MP3 into LQ).

Any files you add must go into the Downloads folder. If you make any changes to files within the Music folder, you risk breaking the indexing and as Chris says, you might have to start ripping from scratch again.

Maybe if you just move files you have added to the Music folder into a Downloads folder that you have assigned in the US’s setup, you might be able to recover the situation.


He would need the Unitiserve SSD manual

Oops, sorry, thanks Chris, I’ll remove mine.

Thanks everyone for your help. Transferring the files to a separate folder solved the problem. Awesome forum.

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