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Ho comprato un Unitiserve 2t. Ho già una libreria musica in flac ricavata con Eac.
Trasferisco semplicemente i file, o conviene rifare il rip, perché potrei avere miglioramenti sulla qualità dei file?
Lo collego con uno switch vicino all’impianto? (Reuter-cavo-switch-unitiserve e streamer) o lo collego in studio direttamente al reuter? (Il reuter è in una stanza diversa dall’impianto)

I bought a Unitiserve 2t. I already have a flac music library created with Eac.
I simply transfer the files, or should I rip again, because I could have improvements on the quality of the files?
Do I connect it with a switch near the system? (Reuter-cable-switch-unitiserve and streamer) or connect it in the studio directly to the reuter? (The reuter is in a room other than the system)

I’ve got a Uniti Core (and had a Unitiserve prior to this) - if you’ve used EAC for ripping, and are getting good scores for the rip quality, you shouldn’t have to re-rip all of your CDs.

You can just copy your existing FLAC files into the download folder on the Unitiserve, and it’ll index them all.

There’s plenty of opinions on where you should place your Unitiserve. My core is an SSD model, so there is no sound from the spinning platters of the hard disk, and so I’ve installed it in my stereo rack (a Fraim). Personally, I would keep it close to your streamer (network-wise), as you’re less likely to get network problems between the streamer and server. But if you’ve got a reliable home network (or you don’t want to have to buy a switch for the stereo), it’ll most likely also work fine close to the router.

The EAC rips are probably fine, so you shouldn’t need to rip them again if they are lossless FLAC files. You can transfer them to the Unitiserve, but you must put them in the Downloads folder. The Music folder is only for CD rips done on the Unitiserve.
If the EAC rips are on a different storage device, the Unitiserve can also find them in their current location over your network, so it’s not essential to move them to the Unitiserve hard drive.
You can connect the Unitiserve to a switch port on your router, or on a separate switch. Either way is OK.

Hai trovato un grande miglioramento tra Serve e Core? Hai rifatto il rip hai cd con il Core? È tua opinione che un Uniti Serve sia migliore di un Nas qualsiasi? Faresti un nuovo Rip dei CD fatti con Eac?
Did you find a great improvement between Serve and Core? Have you redone the rip do you have cd with Core? Do you think that a Uniti Serve is better than any Nas? Would you do a new Rip of CDs made with Eac?

I was having some stability problems with my Unitiserve, and I’ve found that the Core is much more consistent. That said, the Core doesn’t yet have all of the features (especially metadata editing) that the Unitiserve had (it’s slowly getting better), and it’s missing some of the play information features that the 'serve had as well (such as play counts).

The rip quality between the Unitiserve and Uniticore appears to be identical, so I didn’t bother re-ripping anything. Which is good, as I’ve got around 3000 CDs and didn’t really want to think about having to re-rip them all :slight_smile:

The Core is better at metadata lookups, so the number of times that I need to fall back on my PC for ripping is much reduced.

I’ve always used my Naim music servers (both the Unitiserve and Core) with a NAS for storage. I’ve got a lot of music, and would probably fill up the standard storage options available (although I can put a hard drive with enough capacity in the Core). I like the idea of having my music backed-up across multiple disks in the NAS array (and backed-up to my secondary NAS and USB disks (let’s just say I really don’t want to have to re-rip everything).

I’ve not used EAC, although I hear it’s good. I’ve done all of my PC ripping with dBpoweramp, which I’ve found very good. I’ve listened to rips of the same album done with dBpoweramp and the Uniti Core, and I’ve not been able to discern any difference, so I’m not planning on re-ripping everything I’ve done on the PC

Cosa intendi per problema di stabilità?

Qualche domanda: ho collegato l’US, vedo i file in WAWE, quindi non sono FLAC? I miei invece in flac come li inserisco? Collegamenti oltre a quello ethernet consigliati? Come faccio ad ascoltare un CD?

A few questions: I connected the US, I see the files in WAWE, so I’m not FLAC? How do I insert mine in flac? Connections besides the ethernet one recommended? How do I listen to a CD?

Which interface are you using when you see the files in WAV?

Only ethernet, i see it from PC

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