UnitiServe software update question

I have a Unitiserve that does everything very well except Rip CD’s . after searching through this forum I have discovered that the location of the metadata it looks for on the internet no longer exists and that I am missing the final update 1.7c which apparently only comes on a CD From NAIM directly.
I have entered a request with Naim Support but have not heard back for about a week . just curious if I am going about this the correct way or is their another direction to follow?

You can also request copies from your dealer. Hopefully if I copy @clare.newsome she may be able to give support a gentle prod. If you post your reference number here it makes life easier.

Of the two dealers in my area ,One did not have a copy of the disk and the other wanted to charge me
$200. hr service fee with out telling me whether they had the said disk or not .That’s more than my mechanic charges .
By reference Number do you mean ?
Your Ticket Number is 130316
This is a great device and sounds great through my vintage system with some modern accessories added. ( DAC and Raspberry Pi ) I simply want to add more CD rips to my library.
Thank you for your help.

That’s it, ticket number. When I upgraded my UnitiServe it was possible to download the software and burn it onto a CD, which I then put in the Serve to update it. For some reason Naim stopped doing that, so you need a physical CD. It should be provided free, and updating is very simple. Let’s hope Clare spots this. Otherwise, give support a reminder in a while.

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I am here. Please do not send support a follow-up email, as it is just another mail to deal with; I can investigate.

But worth noting the team has a considerable backlog to deal with.

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You can find the update to download on a German site, Music line.
@Suedkiez will surely confirm.

Thank you Clair.

You can burn a disc yourself if you prefer, and use that to load the update. As long as you have a computer that can burn a disc it’s easy enough.
The download is available here:


I mean Clare. sorry!

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The link redirects to the Focal/Naim German home page

Indeed, Naim HQ sends a CD if requested, I suppose to minimize potential of errors, but for some reason it was available for download from the German Naim distributor, MusicLine, which is now Focal-Naim Germany. robert_h wrote comprehensive instructions here:

The MusicLine website changed address to Focal-Naim a while ago, but last I checked the old links were automatically redirected, so I hope this still works

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Thank You .I will try this when I get home from work .

Because MusicLine is now Focal-Naim Germany, but the link redirects to the correct page on the new site

I just tried and it goes to the homepage. Putting 1.7c into the search bar then finds nothing.

I just clicked the old MusicLine link from robert_h’s post and it redirected me to the correct page under the new address:

The new page is

From there, clicking “Musikserver (vor 2016)” still works exactly as described by robert_h and unfolds a new section, where you find 1.7c for download:

It didn’t work for me but that looks great. Hopefully @gpouch can follow it and get sorted out.

again I’ll have to wait till later but I appreciate all of your help.

Quite strange that the automatic redirect didn’t work for you, but I hope the resulting new link from my previous post works for @gpouch.

Does that new link resolve correctly for you, HH? I.e.,


Make sure that you already have 1.7b installed before attempting the install of 1.7c, that’s a hard requirement

Strange, for me it goes to the software downloads page from where you can select ‘Musikserver’.