Unitiserve software version?

You can use a USB keyboard, which will be easier to find I would think.

I haven’t heard that you can use a USB keyboard for this diagnostic purpose. No doubt once the US has booted up you can, but if it stalls on boot up, the USB may not yet be enabled?


I realised after I posted that I hadn’t done it with my old UnitiServe but I had replaced the battery and used a USB keyboard with a HDX.

Well no harm in trying with Unitiserve. But when Neil has told people here how to do it, he always says PS2 keyboard,



If only it was an Apple bus keyboard, now that would be a challenge😀

Hi David,

The only reason I advise PS2 is because that’s what we’ve always used at HQ. I’ve never tried a USB keyboard, but if it works on an HDX (as stated above), then it should work on U/S too.

It is simply a case of setting the time & date in Standard CMOS features, load Naim defaults, then save & exit.


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Posting this in case it might be useful for others updating their Unitiserve…

I have a US 2TB and requested the update disc from NAIM support who were superb, disc arrived 2 days after asking.

After inserting the disc the US read the disc and then ejected it after a minute or so. And then…nothing. No flashing logo or restarts.

After watching it nervously for about 15 minutes, it then disappeared from the network, but with a constant logo light. I decided to reload the disc. Thankfully it reread the disc, spat it out, and then proceeded to reboot.
Firmware version successfully updated to 1.7c.

Good luck…Paul

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You can download Version 1.7c Software from the German Distributor music—line.

I would like to know what upnp software the Unitiserve has on board … To me sonically it looks a lot like the synology mediaserver … But I’m curious to know what is inside Unitiserve

It uses Naim’s own UPnP server.

In your opinion, is it better or worse than mediaserver or twonky or Minimserver?

Minimserver is much more versatile and suits many Classical music listeners better. For me, the Naim server on the Unitiserve is enough for my needs. I don’t use Twonky or Synology mediaserver, so you’ll have to ask somebody else about them.

Can you download the latest firmware onto a usb key and insert that into the US or does it only work by a cd disk? I don’t have a CD burner anymore.

You need a CD. Naim can post you one, or maybe your dealer or local distributor if you are outside the UK.

Luckily I still can use the burner in my laptop but it’s more difficult to find blank CD. CD-RW in my case works. I updated my U/S to ver 1.7c and also helped my friend to to update from ver 1.5b.
Naim does not allow to update straight from 1.5b but have to go thru 1.6n, 1.6d, 1.6g, 1.7a, 1.7b, 1.7c :frowning:
I’m using VGA-HDMI converter so I can see the updating progress.

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