Unitiserve-SSD keeps flashing when turned on

Yes, I did change the CMOS battery which looked dead (I have a little gadget to check), I went into the BIOS settings, I did Load Naim defaults, said YES (optimize), then YES to Save & Exit.

I can see the SSD in the BIOS. It is at Channel 2 as master. The boot sequence is in order SSD being first.

I can see the US-SSD in my network and even see a folder in it (Music/HQ/LQ,etc) but no files in them.

However, the unit cannot pass the Naim CD Logo screen. It is stuck on this screen.

I use VGA and USB dongle to connect my Logitech wireless keyboard with built-in mouse which they both work. I can see the cursor and the keys (obviously) work on the keyboard.

What is the problem?

@NeilS any thoughts? Maybe he shouldn’t have said Yes to optimise?

Only load the Naim defaults in the BIOS, not the optimised ones. Then save & exit.


Yep. Did that now meaning Load Naim defaults. Then NO to optimise. Then yes to save and exit.

Same thing.

Is the Teac optical drive being detected in the BIOS?


Yes. Teac is dedected also.

Ok, so it sounds as though one or more of the services that run within the OS are for some reason unable to start.
I’m unfortunately unable to assist you any further within the boundaries of this forum - it’s going to need looking at by someone familiar with the architecture.
I’d suggest your dealer, or Naim ultimately.


Would there be any way to plug the SSD (I have an external SSD case to use) to Windows and fix files, etc? It is an OS issue I think. Maybe a missing or corrupt file?

I don’t think @NeilS will be allowed to answer you. In any case I suspect that it will turn out to be hardware-related rather than anything to do with the OS.

I suspect that the OS is running fine in the background, as you say you can see it on your network. There are third party services that run on the top - this is likely where the problem is & the reason why specific knowledge/experience with how the device works is required.


Here are the photos after reinstalling the CMOS battery. (i did it all over)

I messed up the Hard Disk Boot Priority photo but it is the Transcend SSD hard drive being first to boot.

Does this look right?

Yes, again can’t pass the Naim CD logo screen.

EDIT: I cannot post the photos (one by one only) or can’t even post a link to another site to show the photos.

How can I post photos? I am new but I need help yet Naim doesn’t let me post my photos to try to solve the problem.

Would upgrading the firmware help?

It won’t unfortunately, as all the services need to be running for the update to initiate.


I may be misunderstanding something here, but when you see a drive over your network that contains the Music folders, is that a drive on a separate NAS which is the designated Music Store? This is where you would see your music files.
The SSD drive in the Unitiserve-SSD is just the small drive that holds the OS.

Why wouldn’t Naim allow to have the end users do software reinstall or similar to solve this problem? I understand not everyone wants to do or know how but I feel comfortable doing it. If the unit was under warranty, that’s a different story but this is an old unit.

No, NAS. I have never used this unit. I got it from a friend and this is what it was doing day first.

Speaking of seeing it in the network, I wanted to post a photo of it (what’s seen in the network) but I can’t access it now. It says connection is failed.

Last night I could access it (very limited folders though like I said) but it was accepted as YES to “optimize” today, NO to “optimize”. Maybe that’s why. Dunno.

Because reinstalling the s/w is not a simple process.

Does the unit behave the same when you start it up with the network cable unplugged?


I am sorry but installing a S/W is not difficult. I have done since Win 95 to MacOS Ventura. Pretty straight forward. But Naim does want customers to send it back so they can make $300-$400 from it. That’s pretty sad for Naim. But it is a business. You get 100 customers like me, $30K-$40K is a pretty good profit.

I always have the network cable plugged it. Let me do it without having the cable plugged.

I also redid it with YES to Optimize and now I can see it in the network again (attached).

Neil is trying to help out here and has explained that the reinstall of the s/w on the Unitiserve is not as simple as doing similar on your laptop or PC. It is Naim policy and has nothing to do with making “profit” and everything to do with ensuring end users don’t end up with a mucked up or bricked unit.

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Network cable unplugged or plugged when booting up, same thing. No change.