UnitiServe SSD - network connect problems

Hi out there,

My UnitiServe SSD suddenly cannot connect to the network. The logo simply blinks. Have restarted it numerous times … Went on holiday and came back 10 days later. Had it running while gone. It is connected through Ethernet cable via an 8-port switch to the router. Nothing was changed and it has run fine for years. I had a specific IP address reserved for it in the router, but lifted that to combat the problem. So now entirely on DHCP. It does not fetch an IP address at all … It does not show on any network lists of devices …

I fear the network card has failed as it does not manage to get itself on the network.

Any suggestions?
Is there any way I can connect to it?
Can I reinstall the software (just in case there is a problem here)?
Can I reset it somehow (other than restarting)?


Possibly needs a BIOS battery replacement. If you search the archives here you will find quite a few threads on this topic.

Great, that I didn’t know. Thanks. Have looked in other threads and gathered a bit of information.

Is there a how-to guide somewhere maybe … ? Anyone knows?
I would do it myself then.

There is lots of information here. And we can try to invoke a helpful friendly Naim guy if need be.

But the short version is that it probably is a CMOS backup battery failure, and this is cheap and easy to fix yourself if you are happy going inside a computer, which is what the US is basically.

It’s a CR2032 I believe, so you can get that anywhere for little money. You need to change it with all due care for ESP damage. And you need a VGA monitor and a USB or PS/2 keyboard connected to the US.

Note that if you have the monitor you can also connect it to the US before doing anything and see where the US hangs.

After changing the battery you start the US up and when the time comes you tell it to accept Naim default BIOS settings rather than the ones the unit offers initially. Then save, back out and restart. Hopefully all will be working now.

Anyway let us know how you get on. If you hit a problem someone may be able to help.

Fantastic info, thanks.

Yes, CR2032 is pretty standard, may even have one somewhere …

I am pretty handy fixing my electronic devices myself, so no problem. Only challenge right now is to find a VGA monitor (as I am all into Macs and discarded my last VGA screen 20 years ago :slight_smile: ) …

Will get back to you in a couple of weeks as I am away the next 2 weeks …

Good. I’ll look out for you in a couple of weeks or so then.

Hi again David,

Finally got back and got a display connected … this is what I get. What do you make of that? Would be nice to have your opinion before I continue …


I’m not the expert here, but before we bother the Naim guy who helps with this in his spare time, what I suggest you do is change the battery (if you haven’t already done that) connect a keyboard (it can be USB or the old PS/2 round plug sort) as well as the display and restart everything again. Then when you get to this point, press Del to enter setup. What you then need to do is to load the Naim settings rather than the default settings, accept everything and then either continue to let the thing startup or restart it again (not sure which). Let us know how it goes. But it should be that easy.

Wonderful - seems like your advice have solved the problem … changed the battery, loaded the Naim Optimized Defaults … And restarted … it scanned my libraries. Seems like totally up and running as normal again :+1: :+1:

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


Excellent! It should be fine now.




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