Unitiserve Ssd not detecting network share

Hello - first post and apologies for the novice question. I am looking for some help in resolving a NAS mapping problem.
I recently received my Unitiserve SSD back from repair. Thought it would be simply a case of connecting it back into the network, searching for network shares and assigning them via the Naim desktop client.
Unfortunately the client is not detecting the NAS. I can see the NAS and the folders on my PC and confirmed they are “public”. I can also see and play the files on my Nova using the Twonky server that comes on the NAS (a WD my book world live - don’t laugh).
I have tried connecting the share manually via the client manager but I cannot get the syntax right and the error messages/instructions are not helpful. Both the unitiserve and NAS are running the latest versions of software.
I am sure it is something simple but I cannot see what it is.
Suggestions on how to fix this gratefully received.

Problem solved thanks to another thread on the forum.

Issue was that the Workgroup on the NAS was set to the default value of “WORKGROUP”.
Changed it to “NAIM” and everything working again - nothing about that in the US SSD manual. Now just have to wait for the data to complete scanning…

Glad to see it solved.
The re-connecting process should be as per your original post i.e. fully automatic, provided no changes were made.

@Adam.Zielinski Yes, that is what I was expecting, apart from re-assigning the Music Repository on the Unitiserve (instructions for this came when the unit was returned).
I don’t remember making any changes to the NAS. The US failed shortly before Christmas (stuck on green light, clicking noises) so was simply disconnected to be returned to Salisbury by the dealer. In the meantime, the network was left untouched (other things to do!).
After the unit was returned, I thought it would be a case of connecting it all back up. But the unit did not detect the NAS. I could see both the US and the NAS on the network and just could not see why they were not talking to one another. It was only when casually reading another post on the forum where there was a similar issue with a Core and a different NAS that the reason dawned. During a frustrating week of trying to work out what was wrong with the set-up, I had read through the US manual again and found nothing in there about setting up a specific workgroup name. Perhaps I was just mean to know that you had to set the workgroup on the NAS to “NAIM”? Anyway, re-scan successfully completed and it is up and running again.

Most odd indeed @DavidS

I would also suggest that you go through the settings on your UnitiServe and double check some of the more important ones like:

Firmware version - perhaps they gave you 1.7c already (although it’s still officially a Beta version). This handles artwork lookup better

Ripping format: WAV or FLAC

Transcoding or serving format: NATIVE is best

MP3 conversion

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