Unitiserve ssd repair charges

I am thinking about having my US repaired rather than replacing it with the Uniti Core. I listen to internet radio a lot and as I believe David Hendon pointed out this is not a feature on the Uniti Core. My US is out of warranty. Does anyone have any idea of Naim’s scale of charges or does it vary depending on the work involved?

I think your best bet here is to pick up the phone to your dealer and discuss the options. No idea on charges, but again your dealer should be able to give you an indication on costs involved.

If you are in the UK, you will need to organise the repair through a dealer, who will be able to give you a price. Naim’s fixed price servicing can work in your favour, or not, depending on what needs doing. Some dealers can carry out minor repairs such as BIOS battery replacement without sending the unit to Naim.
Something you might consider, especially as you use iRadio, is replacing the US with a Naim streamer. These give you access to higher quality BBC radio HLS streams, lossless FLAC channels from Radio Paradise etc. Put your (Unitiserve) music lubrary on a USB drive and it will play direct from that.
For example, for a similar price to a Core you could try an ND5XS2.

Thanks for your advice Chris. I’ll certainly look into your suggested replacement if a repair isn’t viable.

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