Unitiserve stopped loading cover art

Having an issue with my Unitiserve SSD. Up until the weekend, it had been ripping CDs fine and uploading the cover art with no issue. The last few days, ripping is fine but cover art is not located or uploaded. Cannot add the cover art using n-serve on an IPAD, nor using Naim Desktop on a PC. Naim Desktop indicates that the cover art is uploaded and displays it within the app, however it is not saved to the NAS media folder for the CD.
The most frustrating aspect is that nothing has changed with US software (version 1.7b), the PC operating system (WIN10) or the NAS drive and software.
Has anyone else encountered this with their Unitiserve?

Is it only artwork that’s missing, or is any other metadata not being added to rips too?
You should update the firmware to 1.7c which addresses an issue with metadata lookup that might help.
Are you saving rips in WAV or FLAC?

Thank you for your comment Chris. I save all ripped files in WAV, that is trouble free. Issue is that cover art is not uploaded and for whatever reason once ripped on the Unitiserve SSD/NAS combo the cover art (either from a web search within the Naim app on ipad or via Naim Desktop (loads but is not saved) ) cannot be added.

Anyone know why firmware update 1.7c is not available from the Naim Website Update section? Only available via a dealer?

You can also contact NAIM support directly, which is what I did, they put a 1.7c update CD in the post to me the next day. Good luck…

The 1.7c update was only released after the Unitiserve was discontinued. If you contact Naim Support they should be able to send it to you on a disc, which saves you having to download and burn a CD yourself.

There’s something odd going on if you can’t add artwork when other metadata is being added correctly. If you navigate to an album folder using a computer (rather than viewing it on a Naim interface such as the DTC or N-Serve app) do you see the artwork as a separate file within the album folder?

Hi Chris,
No, the artwork does not appear in the directory. Even if I copy the artwork (a jpg file, and name it as folder.jpg as other working artwork files in other working directories) into the directory it is not recognized.
Somewhat frustrating to say the least.

Have done that. Will see how long it takes to get a response.

If you are adding artwork or making any changes to the Music folder on a computer without using a Naim interface such as N-Serve you will break the database and cause problems.

I am having exactly the same issue with my UnitiServe SSD/Synology NAS.
Requested the firmware update from Naim and now successfully installed, unfortunately still the same.
Now in the process of transcoding my rips (4700 albums) from WAV to FLAC , not in the hope of a fix (though nice if it did) but future proofing.
I did do a test rip before starting the transcoding in FLAC and the art work appeared, unfortunately when I tried to replace it with a better image, via the app, it wouldn’t and I lost the original.

Just for clarity - you are not transcoding but instead converting. You can then set the Serve to transcode to WAV on playback (use the decode option) and it may well sound better. The streamer will see the flac files as WAV.

Thanks for the clarification.
While I have your attention may I also thank you for your wisdom and experience on the post U-Serve - time to move on? and others that gave me the confidence to undertake the task.
Kindest regards

There is a maximum size of 1280 x 1280 for artwork images on the Unitiserve, so first I would check that you have not exceeded this.

Note that the Unitiserve is not particularly fast when it comes to processing files, more so when they are saved elsewhere on your network as is always the case when you use the SSD version. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the fact that it’s still half way through the transcoding process, and trying to make changes to the saved file before it’s completed should be avoided.

You can download the 1.7c Desktop Client from the website of the German Naim distributor ‘Music Line’ :


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Thanks Chris, hadn’t considered that.
Also really appreciate the time you took to post the screen shots regarding coverting to FLAC recently, a great help.In the process of converting some 4700 albums at present and for some days I guess.
Many thanks

Hi Russ. It’s really, really nice of you to say that. Cheers!

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You’ll get there eventually! It does take a bit of time to find your way around the Unitiserve, but once you’ve got it set up I find it to be trouble free and easy to use.
Do you have a copy of the manual? It’s not an exciting read, and it can be hard to absorb, but it’s pretty thorough and worth having a copy to hand.

My confession.:woozy_face::joy::joy:
I purchased it in 2011 and am ashamed to say couldn’t be bothered with the tech. It’s done the job all these years and I’ve enjoyed the music. Unfortunately I’ve now got a bit of catching up to do.:roll_eyes:

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