UnitiServe Web Interface After Adobe Flash?

Good Afternoon,

Can any confirm this works with the latest Mac OS 12 please. I end up with a blank screen on mine

Mar '20

Morning Gents,

Fear not as the mighty Unitiserve and derivs will continue to work.

To access the web interface after Flash is blocked in modern browsers is:

  1. Download the “Adobe Flash Projector” exe. See: https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html
  2. Launch the app and go to file->open. If your server is at IP address then type in
  3. The web UI will then show, all independent of any web browser.

No because thats an exe file, pc.

Try installing Chrome and the extention IE tab. It may work.

Gary, I have installed the .dmg Mac version of the file. Thanks

The workaround Steve posted works fine for me. You get exactly the same browser interface, it just doesn’t appear to actually open in a browser, but it works.
It did take me a couple of tries before it would open. No idea why, but if you’re getting nowhere give it another go.

Thanks for the reply ChrisSU. I think it’s my flipping age, as I have not made myself clear. It works with OS Catalina, but with OS Monterey, I get a white blank screen! I suspect a update within the OS system has knackered it, or it never worked with it. So if anyone has OS Monterey, does it work for them please?

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