Hi, I would like some help. First of all if Unitiserve can be connected to the NAC 72, second question what is its power supply, third question there can be problems to make it work with an Internet Access Point.


Hi, there is no DAC in a Unitiserve, so you can’t connect it directly to an analogue preamp like the 72.
It has a SMPS in a small box that connects to the power cord.
Like most NAS/server devices, there is no wireless connectivity. It has an Ethernet port.

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Hi, yes you’re right, so I thought I’d better take it. First an NDX and then a UnitiServe / HDX or any NAS.


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The HDX is essentially a Unitiserve with a DAC, so you could connect that directly to your 72.

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However, the HDX is not wi-fi, and in this case is it possible to connect it with an Internet Access Point?

Yes, the HDX needs a wired connection to your network, but you can control it from the N-Serve app on an iOS device.

Yes you can use a Wifi access point, but you will probably have less trouble keeping it working properly if you use an Ethernet cable.



Ok thanks

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