Unitistar will not connect

Once again my iPad and iphone cannot find the unitistar. Unitistar is wired to the same router that provides WiFi.

I have deleted the app, reset the star to factory settings, reset the router. When the app starts it sees the unitistar serial number but just spins its little circle and never gives access to the device.

Is there any workaround for getting access to Tidal and Qobuz accounts without the app?

Have you tried a network reset on the Apple devices?

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
You will have to rejoin your Wi-Fi network and enter the password after this is carried out.

If that fails then perform a factory reset on the Star.


Thanks…done all that and no change

Internet radio works fine so the star is seeing the internet without any issue

Then you have a Wi-Fi or router issue. Try connecting the Star to Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet.

My Star connects via Wi-Fi and I have no issues with my iPad, iPhone, NAS, MacBook Air (M1), or iMac using the Star. My M1 MacBook can also use the Naim App without issue.

What router do you use?

Latest sky router. If you connect to WiFi it works temporarily. After a while the app becomes unresponsive and locks up. Then it doesn’t reconnect. If you plug the Ethernet back in it carries on playing.

The iphone and iPad can see 50mb of broadband

Now it won’t reconnect in any mode

When you invoke the app it shows the star in the Rooms as Ready. When you click it just spins the circle. So the basic upnp discovery must work over the network. So what would stop it reliably then browsing the features on the device?

Do you have any other devices on the network, such as a NAS that has a built in DLNA server? If so turn them off to see if they are corrupting the network.

Then again the Sky router is not the best! Is there an option to factory reset the Sky router and set it up again?

You may need to delete and reinstall the app. Also power off and un plug the star and router and phone/iPads. After a cup of tea, turn on router, wait, turn on Star, wait, turn on apps.

Nothing else on network that does anything interesting…only phones, tablets and macs.

If I log into the sky router what settings am I looking for that might upset the Naim system.

Nothing else in the house misses a beat, and the app/star combo has been working ok since October without this kind of issue.

I had a 272 and an ndx2 and never had any of this nonsense with the app.

Won’t be buy8ng another Naim all in one


But what is it about the design of this system that means you need to reboot everything in the chain?

Never had any trouble with other streamers or devices

I couldn’t really say, other than sometimes the networks and devices can get in a tangle with the IP addressees, and resetting everything can be a solution. It could be an Apple or network issue. Generally you want to assign a fixed IP to the Star in the router settings, but I’m no expert!

Is your router dual band? I know some of the Sky Hubs are. You may need to check there is no conflict. You definitely don’t want to start fixing IP addresses - leave the Naim on DHCP.

Yes, it does 2.4 and 5. I have no settings which fix ip addresses.

Given that the app can see the star 99% of the time, what can cause the browse of the services to fail?

It’s odd. As you say the Star can see the internet because it’s getting iRadio. I wonder if swapping from the 2.4 to the 5 or vice versa would help. It certainly sounds like a wifi issue with the app. Is the signal nice and strong in the room you use the phone, with three bars or signal?

Yes, I always see 30-50mb with good strength.

Thanks for your replies. I’m waiting for some possible input on the sky router from tech support before fiddling with the network.

On the Sky router you can name each of the 2.4 and 5 as separate network names. Currently they sit on the same SSID and there is a checked option “synchronise 2.4 and 5 settings”

I have split the network and latched the app to the 2.4. Unfortunately this doesn’t help the discovery issue at all.