Unitiyserve hard disk

How do I format the disk on my Naim Unityserve?

Hi Keith, do you mean the internal hard drive? If so, it does not need to be formatted. The USB ports are only intended for relatively small capacity memory sticks. Or do you mean network storage?

My understanding is the UnitiServe’s hard drive comes preformatted from the Naim factory, with their own software pre-installed. Neither are intended for user ‘fiddling’! Same applies to the CD mechanism. Any faults, and it’s back to the factory I’m afraid - £340, plus carriage, repair and service included.

Hi Chris

I want to bulk delete my album collection. Formatting the disk seems an easy option. Are you aware of a way to bulk delete. I’ve been all over the instruction manual and can find nothing that helps.

Thanks Keith Young

Hi, you wouldn’t want to reformat the drive, as you would lose more than just the music content.
I’m not at home so can’t check mine at the moment. I usually use N-Serve on a Mac, and if you control-click on ‘albums’ if gives you a little dropdown list of options. Delete may be on that list, I can’t remember.
Is all your music from CD rips, or do you also have anything in the downloads folder?

It’s probably best to email or ring Naim and ask them the best way to do it. That has to be better than risking messing something up.

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Hi Timmo

No intention to ‘fiddle’ from this user. All I’m looking for is way of bulk deleting the album collection that I have stored on the Unityserve. Any ideas?

Don’t believe it’s possible Keith. I’ve just been into N-Serve on my iMac, and can only delete one album at a time, which then has to deleted from the Recycle folder! It looks as though Naim never anticipated you’d want to get rid of your entire collection! Thinking about it, a bit short sighted when considering selling one on.

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