UnitServe not being found on App

Good Morning,

Over the last few months my US is going offline on the Apps and ND5 and therefore I cannot play any music through the US. I can ping it and I can use the web browser and n-Serve to carry out tasks with it. The only way I’ve found so far is to continually reboot it. Any thoughts or ideas please? Steve

I’ve had a similar problem. I have Uniti Core, Uniti Star and Mu-so QB on the App. The Core always seems to be there, but the Star and sometimes the Mu-so drop out of Rooms. Doing a scan tends to retrieve them.

You might want to try to make a reservation within DHCP/NAT of your router for this machine. And extend the lease of it from a day to a year. Might work, it did here… you need to use the coded (MAC or other) adress of the machine and the identified IP address.

Thank you people. I will try both options and let you know how I get on. Thank you.Steve

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