Unity Atom and Aria 936


Just bought Unity Atom with Focal Aria 936. Is Atom capable to handle Aria 936 properly? And would it be wise to add NAP 100?

Any advise on that…


Did your dealer let you listen properly to this system before you bought them, and did he suggest any alternative speakers that you could try for comparison?

Must say I am not big expert…:slight_smile: I had previous experience with Focal, so choice for me seemed OK. Had some doubts regarding Atom’s possibilities… But this set was offered by dealer…

Hi, the Naim/Focal deal is for Atom and 926’s which you might imagine is a good match, you were sold the 936’s? How does it sound to you?

Hi, expectations were higher… Seems that Atoms need to much of his resources to feed 936… Especially with higher volume… What about adding NAP 100?

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if you can get your local dealer to provide one or at least go and demo it with your Atom and 936’s, worth a try and maybe it might meet your expectations.

Rather than an Atom and 100 you’d be better spending a bit more and getting a Nova. Or just get the smaller speakers that match the Atom better. Your dealer really should be trying a bit harder to ensure you are happy.


I would have thought the Focal Aria standpoints would be a lot easier to drive . Not sure the NAP100 would bring that much to the party, the NAP 200 yes. As you can see Focal recommend the Star

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 15.20.39

Focal seem happy with the Aria 926 being fed by an Atom Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 15.32.24

the Atom is certainly under powered to drive the 936’s according to the specs, HH has the best idea, go for the Nova, I’m sure it would drive them with ease. Even the star with 70W PC into 8ohms as opposed to the 40W PC into 8ohms from the Atom. Even the 926’s they have as a deal is at the limit with an Atom.

I think the recommendations by Naim/Focal are quite strange. I’m sure the Star can drive far better than the 936. Even with the weird gap in Focal’s range, why recommend a speaker costing 230% of that for the Nova when the difference between Star and Nova is 20%. I know price doesn’t tell you anything really, but how Naim Focal have decided on the “bundles” is just strange to me.

I’m sure dreamt up solely in marketing, not because someone listened and decided they’re actually a good pairing.

I’ve got the 936s albeit powered by 2 x 135s. I think they are fantastic speakers at a good price. The 135s are rated at 75 watts into 8 ohms.

I also used them with a CB 250 which is 70 watts.

They are big speakers and in my opinion need plenty of power to drive them.

Maybe ask dealer to demo a 200 as an addition.

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I must admit the idea of pairing the Star with the Core seems a little “off”, I can see why people buy the Star and why people would buy the Nova /Atom plus Core .

I suspect the Star is for people who want to stream from a service and still retain access to their purchased media

Thanks for advises, planning to visit dealer and discuss the situation…

What would be comments on Nova vs ND5 XS2+XS3?

Not sure about that as the pair are in the same price bracket, I would be fairly comfortable with a SN3 driving those speakers .

Given that you could add a Flatcap for the pre-amp section I would go down the XS option rather than the Nova

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