Unity Atom - Do I have to use Naim 4mm Speaker Plugs

Hi all,

Another question for a newcomer here. The Atom uses those black dual 4mm banana plugs for speaker connection. Question is do I have to use them if a don’t use NACA5 speaker cable?

At Richerdsounds that used I think Chord Rumour X with banana plugs and plugged straight in. I do note that on the back of the Atom it says not to use 4mm banana plugs, just to confuse me any more :-0)

Thanks for any advice,


No, you don’t have to use them, I don’t and have no problems.


Those smaller Naim plugs are a bit awkward to solder, but they are guaranteed to be a match for the terminals on Naim amps, so I’d say it was better to yse them if you can find someone who can solder them properly. If not, I’m sure Chord plugs would be OK.

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