Unity Atom + Mu So as center speaker

Can any of you help me how to connect Unity Atom with Muso via cable? I am looking for such a solution to remove the delay problem in party mode when the sound source is the TV

Stereo rca phono on one end, (atom preamp out), 3.5mm stereo Jack plug on the other end (Mu so line input).
These are the only output/input sockets compatible with each other.

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Welcome Marcin, Robert has given you an answer for a cable.

Is the Atom connected to the tv by HDMI and are you using multi-room via the app to Muso?
Is each unit connected by ethernet or wifi?
I use multiroom daily with no issues - is the problem you are experiencing, also an issue with iRadio?
IIRC there have been a few issues reported with HDMI connection, don’t think that involved multi-room.

Thanks Robert but it doesn’t work, Mu So doesn’t detect sound from Unity Atom

Yes, I am using the Naim app, party mode, and every device is connected to the internet. You don’t have a delay when you watch a movie from the TV and do the party mode?

Have you selected the line in input? That will play whatever is coming out of the atom. You will need to use both volume controls.

What this isn’t going to do is give you a home cinema surround experience. None of the current Naim kit will do that. This will merely replicate what the atom is doing from the muso. If that’s under your tv, then it might focus the sound centrally, but being atom left speaker repeated centrally from the muso, plus atom right speaker repeated centrally from the muso, it might not sound very good. Something in the movie whizzing left to right will be locked coming from the centre (muso) under the tv.

I chose preamp output . I played Tidal Unity Atom + Mu so in party mode, there was a better stage and increased power, stereo sound and timbre was consistent

If it works for you ok, then thta’s what matters.
I do agree with @robert_h, you are going to create an unusual soundstage - perhaps more boom and seemingly more power, but likely at cost of genuine soundstage.

You mention party mode which maya confuse - Naim streamers use multi-room. Ethernet is not required for tv sound, just a local area network (LAN) wired or wifi.
No issues with multi-room here.

What I am proposing with that cable is not multiroom. Effectively it’s biamping. Play anything on the atom, and the sound comes out of the atom pre out socket. Any amp on the end of that will play the same using it as a line input signal. So skip multiroom / party mode as you call it. Play something on the atom. Turn on the muso, select line input (the socket on the right hand side, with a cable connected to the atom) and you will hear the same thing. No lag.

Every time someone removes the muso front grille, or as we used to do it in the IT office, turn it upside down (“your grille is upside down.”, “yes we know!”), and Simon Matthews does a little flip. The grille is designed to be acoustically transparent.

Robert , Do you have such a connection? It doesn’t work for me. Maybe Naim blocked it

Can you clarify what you mean by delay? Do you mean that the Atom and Muso are not in sync with each other, which should not be the case in multiroom mode? Or do you mean that the audio is delayed against the picture. In this case there is adjustment of lip sync delay in the Naim app, and usually in the TV settings too, which may help, but don’t always have the range of adjustment required.

Connect the Atom to the TV over HDMI
Connect the audio out from the TV to the muso

Alternatively just use the Atom with bigger speakers or add a sub to the Atom

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Mr. M is right.
Naim Uniti Atom connected via HDMI to TV
Naim Mu So connected via optical cable to the TV
It works and there are no delays.

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Glad to be of help.

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